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fourth of july!

July 7th, 2014 at 21:31

My new job is amazing in many ways. Besides the fact that I am super busy and loving every second of it, they also gave us an extra day off before the Fourth of July, so Brandon also took it off, while the kids enjoyed being at school that day, and we ran errands and had lunch and spent too much time at Costco and enjoyed time together doing things that are super hard to do with kids in tow.

The Fourth itself was a “high needs” kid day, especially for Max — about every third word from his mouth was my name, but it wasn’t as much as he wanted to tell me something as much as he wanted my constant attention. It was a very family day, and we didn’t do anything specific beyond “spend time together”, including time at the school riding bikes and playing. Both kids wanted to stay up for fireworks, but because it gets light so freakin’ late, we thought it would be smarter to watch the NY show on TV… but even though it started at 8, there were so many frickin’ musical guests that the fireworks didn’t start on TV until 9:30, which is when the local show is anyway. I stole outside and found that we couldn’t see anything through the trees, and Katie fell asleep while they were going off, while Max told me that he was tired (this never happens) so I took him to bed and he fell asleep immediately (also never happens). Nicky was fine with the local fireworks because he’s pretty much deaf, but Ash was extremely restless, especially when the particularly loud stuff was going on at the school across the street. He tried to hide in both Max’s and Katie’s room, as well as under the sheets with me, before laying down between the loveseat and table in the front room.

Saturday was our normal routine, for the most part: gymnastics, Home Depot for their weekly kid building stuff event (first Saturday of the month, this time they made bug houses), lunch, swim class, then date night! Woot! Since we’d recently seen all the movies we wanted to (X Men: Days of Future Past, Malificent, The Edge of Tomorrow), we opted to see 22 Jump Street, but because we knew it would be sub-optimal, pre-medicated with a drink at the only place with a bar open pre-5: The Old Spaghetti Factory. Dinner was at Quinto Sol (an old fave) and then we went to the Living Room afterward. The kids were sort of awake by the time we were done but fell asleep painlessly enough.

Finally, Sunday! We took the kids to see How To Train Your Dragon 2, which ended up with me on one seat with Max in my lap (when he wasn’t constantly climbing on the railing ahead of us, good lord that kid can’t sit still at the movies), Katie next to me so that half of her seat was empty, then the rest of that seat and another empty seat between us and Brandon, who ostensibly sat there enjoying his movie and popcorn. Then we went to the mall for some errands and lunch, then ended up at Alex and Patty’s house to swim! Which was fairly amazing because Katie spent most of the time independently swimming by herself, diving for rings without floaties or anything. Max was floatified, and … all I had to do was sit there and watch them. It was amazing.

Happy family! :D

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