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Halloween 2013

November 1st, 2013 at 11:59

Halloween was a mixed bag.

Getting the kids ready was fun; both of them were excited to go to school all decked out as their respective superheroes (Spider Girl and Iron Man). I also got all fancy, including false eyelashes and makeup/jewelry to compliment my victorian gothy garb and fangs. (Molding those things made me drool more than I ever have in my entire life, might I add, but thankfully, I only had to do it once!) Brandon was going as Dr. Horrible, and he looked great, too!

At work, I received many compliments on how creepy but pretty I looked, which was very flattering. Unfortunately, I didn’t win the costume contest — there were some pretty great costumes here, but the winners were our sales team, who dressed up as “Snow Brown, the 7 Dwarves, and the Evil Queen”, where “Snow Brown” was the sole guy on the team and the dwarves were all perverted versions of the original ones (“Cashful” instead of “Bashful”. “Drunky” for “Grumpy”, etc).

We got home early and prepped our outdoor decorations and candy, and Shane, Ava, Griffin and Storm all came over. We gobbled down pizza and then went on our way, leaving B behind to man the door.

In general, the kids were really great — they did most of the door approaches themselves, so I have no idea if they said “Trick or Treat” as they were expected to, but they all did keep trying to go into the houses of our neighbors. :) As they got more and more excited, they started running more, so it turned into a lot of reminders to not run and then holding a crying Katie, who ran and tripped. We ran into nearly all our neighbors with kids while we were out and ended up walking the streets as a huge gang o’ folk, which was nice.

The only downtime was near the end, when I think everyone was starting to get tired — an older kid started to lead everyone, who decided that it was no longer important to listen to their parents, and I got so fed up with how far ahead they ran without listening that I followed them all up to a door and YELLED at them. I told Katie that she had to finish T&Ting at the house and then talk to me after, and when she did, she walked up to me and immediately started sobbing. She then cried for the next 10 minutes, as we walked from house to house, telling me that she was upset that she made me mad, but that the older kid had said he was going to take care of them, etc. (I later found out that also, the woman at that house had made K ask to say “trick or treat” after she had already said it, which I think may have contributed to her feeling sensitive.) I felt sort of horrible that she was crying because she’d upset me, but at the same time, I didn’t feel badly that I’d told all of them that they had to start listening to their parents because they weren’t being safe :(

We saw a bunch of teenagers roaming the neighborhood while we were out, and found as we went that they were completely emptying the bowls of candy left out instead of just taking one (because the people we were with had left the bowls out, and when we would get to their houses, they’d say something to the effect of, “We had left an entire Costco-sized bag in this bowl…”). In fact, after we got home, hadn’t had T&Ters for an hour, and had turned out the lights and closed the gate, three teenage boys, sans costumes with skateboards, rang our doorbell. I said, “Dudes, lights are off, we’re done for the night. We have kids that are asleep.” They looked slightly embarrassed and I gave them candy anyway (to maintain good will and also to get rid of our f’ing candy ;) ) but GAH. TEENS.

Anyway. The night wound down with Max and Katie playing with their glowsticks, and then Max BITING his in bed (which I was alerted to by him saying, “Mommy! Owie owie owie!” as he tried to spit it out), and then Katie, an hour later and plagued by insomnia/pumped up on a KitKat, doing the exact same thing after having been explicitly told not to. My kids… I love the little folk :D

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