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if i posted more regularly…

September 16th, 2013 at 9:39

…then my posts might be more than just updates! Ha!

Work! It is insanity right now. We are in super-crunch mode.

Del Amitri is reuniting, in case you weren’t aware. I’m pleased.

I decided recently that I would like to convert my beauty products to cruelty-free, including wiping out all products sold in China (because even if a product is labeled cruelty-free, if they are sold in China, they are required under Chinese law to do a minimum of animal testing). (For the record: I am not necessarily against animal testing of things like pharmaceuticals, but I see no reason why beauty products would be tested on animals — my vanity is not worth it.) Someone suggested the line Paula’s Choice to me, and after researching them myself a bit, I was interested enough to purchase some samples (they sell them at a very affordable price so.. yay!). The line was started by a woman who started her career by researching the ingredients in all lines of cosmetics for efficacy, and eventually wrote books about which are the best in terms of living up to their claims from a scientific standpoint (as in which had ingredients that had results backed by clinical studies). She eventually started her own line and also continues to recommend the “best” from all other product lines that she and her team have researched. Besides the fact that I like the stuff their company stands for (they have a green policy, no animal testing, are community-involved, and have a 100% money-back guarantee), I was particularly drawn to two things: 1. the company doesn’t blow smoke about their products doing miracle crap that is never actually realistic (like, making wrinkles disappear or making “botox in a bottle”), and 2. all the ingredients they use are clinically, scientifically proven to do what they say.

Anyway, I liked a few of the samples (cleansers and non-spf moisturizers for night time) but had a severe allergic reaction to one, which made me wish I had spot-tested them instead of used them on my face. For an entire week, I looked like a walking hive, and then tested it on my inner elbow and had hives for another week there. I eventually called them to talk to an “expert”, who after speaking to me about my concerns and skin type, sent me a huge number of new samples (25 — 5 each of 5 products) to try, and introducing me to two I hadn’t considered (BHA, a chemical exfoliant, and retinol). And long story short: after spot-testing EVERY SINGLE ONE, I started using them and DUDE my skin looks AWESOME. It’s smoother than it ever has been and I am actually really, really pleased. SO. If you are considering revamping your skincare or you’re like, “gah, I guess I’m old enough now that I should give a crap”, check them out.

Katie is obsessed with wearing dresses right now.

Max has this totally adorable way of being pissed off.
Max: I want chocolate milk.
Me: No, you can have white milk.
Max: [crosses arms, sticks bottom lip out, turns his back to me] Fine. I’m not going to Jonathan’s birthday party, then. Hmph.
Me: [stifles laughter]
The best part is that he has this look on his face of utter disdain for you and all that you stand for, and turns his back on you as if you are merely a peasant who should be removed from his countenance.

The kids are both doing tae kwon do now and are really enjoying it! They both have on/off days but in general, I’m super happy to see them so engaged in something, and I hope that their excitement for it continues. Right now our schedule is a bit packed, with swimming once a week, tkd twice a week, and gymnastics once a week, so I’d love to stop doing gymnastics (mainly because it’s an inconvenience, and not for any real reason other than at times Katie is very difficult about actually participating) but in general I think they’re cool with the amount of outside-school activities we do.

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