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July 19th, 2013 at 14:04

Katie is tired of B being “smelly” (she is really mad at him for farting and his “pull my finger” jokes, and won’t let him in her room when she’s feeling particularly sensitive about it) so she keeps trying to find me new husbands. Hew newest idea: I marry Uncle Josh, because he isn’t smelly and doesn’t have a beard. I called Caroline to let her know the change coming up.

Max is becoming much more understandable and using even more complicated sentence structure since our return. Yesterday, he was sitting on a bench and I was on the floor leaning against it, and he wiggled his leg behind me. Five minutes later, he said VERY seriously, “Mommy, you’re hurting me. You’ve got to be careful where you’re going.” *ded*

Katie was asking me where B was going this weekend (high school reunion) so I was explaining the levels of schools to her and she asked if college is where you learn your job. I said yes, so she asked, “Do they have classes on princesses there?” She’s decided she’ll be a princess engineer teacher mommy.

On Max talking: it’s making it much easier to have phone conversations with him, now — I have an understanding with a teacher that she can have him call me if he’s super upset and can’t calm down, because talking to me usually improves him nearly immediately. Before we left, those conversations were mainly him answering my questions with yes/no, but today, when they called, he could tell me why he was mad (at teacher L for making him come inside from the bounce house), what he was going to have for lunch (chicken nuggets), and that not only did he bounce in the bounce house, but that the teachers did, too. (I also heard him tell another little kid to leave him alone because “I’m talking on the phone to my mom!”).

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