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June 17th, 2013 at 12:47

On Friday, as I was saying goodbye to Brandon and the kiddos on their way to school, I heard a high-pitched barking — higher than my own pups’, but coming from nearby. As I stood there outside our fence, this little dog barreled up to me, from inside our yard. I picked her up and looked at her collar, asking where she came from. (Shock: she did not answer me but tried to lick my face.) In the meantime, Katie and Max were asking, “WHO IS THAT DOG?” from inside the truck. I let them each say hi while Brandon left a message at the number on her collar, and then I started canvassing the neighborhood, assuming that she came from a yard connected to ours.

The first person I asked was the crossing guard on duty, on the off chance that the dog belonged to a parent of a kiddo and that he recognized her. Then I started knocking on the doors of each house on the street, but no one answered. A man approached me as I was walking and asked me if the dog’s name was Roxy, but when I told her it was Bella, he indicated the house he lived in and said that she belonged to one of the houses that I already tried. So, I called the number again, and spent a good 5 minutes banging on the front door, as I saw a little dog inside barking its fool head off at me.

Finally I decided that this warranted some lightweight trespassing, and I went into the back yard, where I quickly a) ascertained that their yard abuts ours; b) that there was a little hole under their fence; and c) that they had a doggy door. I called the inside dog over via the door and checked his collar, and it turned out that it had the same number as Bella’s — success! I called the number again and told them I was dropping their doggy off and to call me when they’d heard the series of messages

This was around 8 am. I finally got a return call at 6 pm, when she’d finally listened to the calls (and was at home). Um. If my dog was missing, I would want to know RIGHT THEN, so putting a phone number on his collar that I don’t answer is sort of unbelievable to me. And lest we think this was a one-off, yesterday, both of their dogs ended up in my yard again (apparently they didn’t board up the hole I told them about), and I called them, and they didn’t answer, so we dropped their dogs back off and they still haven’t called me back. (We boarded up the hole on our side more strongly).

Please, when choosing a number to put on your pets’ collars, make it one that you attend frequently, on the off chance your animal somehow escapes unbeknownst to you and someone is trying to return it.

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