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the long weekend

May 28th, 2013 at 12:17

This weekend was… pretty awesome.

Thursday was the Spring Sing at K/M’s school! Even though Max’s class wasn’t scheduled to sing, he decided to get on stage and stood next to Katie as they performed “Catch a Wave” by the Beach Boys. At the end, she gave him a kiss. I got that on video somehow, even though I was falling over dead from cute.

Friday night we went to dinner in our old neighborhood with Suzanne. As usual, she out-cooked herself, and I spent some time with her chatting while B took the kids home. They were fairly chill and happy to look at iPads or play with each other, which is nice, because her house isn’t entirely child-friendly and often I get stressed out with them there because when they get bored, they are trouble. :)

Saturday started with me taking the kids to gymnastics while B went for a ride. K had a rough time at class, which normally would have been problematic for me because I needed to do the “mommy and me” class with M, but I managed it well and K was okay with the consequences enough to handle them with aplomb. (No chocolate milk, but Max still had his — and she didn’t flip out.) We headed to the park for an hour and then went home for lunch, at which point I attempted to put Max down for a nap but he was NOT having it. After an hour and a half, during which B showed up and my mom came over, we finally gave up on him and hung out together for a bit. My mom and I went to Quinto Sol to pick up dinner, and while we were gone, my dad showed up AND M fell asleep on the floor (and was covered with an instruction manual blanket by his sister). Manwhile, my mom and I were enjoying each other’s company at the restaurant and had great conversation (my mom is awesome) while meeting the owner and learning about the business. (I’ve been going to Palo Alto Sol for years so I felt slightly fangirlish.) We got home and ate dinner and then were watching a movie with my dad (Monsters vs Aliens) after my mom left but both of the kids started to not listen so we turned it off and put them to bed.

Sunday I went for my longest ride ever — a bit over 28mi (I would have done 30 but decided to stop a little early because I was getting super tired and didn’t want to be out too long). I decided to start upping my rides if I really plan on riding a metric century later this summer, eek. Afterward, I got dressed while B took the kids grocery shopping, then we went out for lunch (during which M fell asleep). So, we drove around a bit, sight-seeing in a way that was reminiscent of my youth… just sort of driving around the backroads while the weather, which was a bit breezy and cool but not cold, blew around us, chatting with Katie and each other. Eventually we headed home to pack up our stuff and Max woke up, so we switched cars and headed out to Alex and Patty’s for a swim party. I took lead on the pool and Katie was being super brave, treading the deep waters without a floaty, which became problematic for me only when Max decided he wanted to come in as well (and was going to cling to me WHILE wearing the floaty). We eventually hot tubbed for a while (I started to get super cold) and then everyone got out and watched Cars while eating dinner. All was fine until, again, people got overtired and had to be shepherded out of the house. :)

Monday, the weather was crappy and drizzly, so we went to Jungle Island with neighbors Lindsay, Gordon, Ellie, and baby Brandon. Max and Katie spent a lot of time climbing around like little maniacs — my favorite part of the trip was when Katie decided to help Max up the parts of the structure he couldn’t climb, repeatedly. (She is really an awesome big sister, and Max adores her for it.) Katie had a silly fight with Ellie over her water (Ellie told her she was “mean” for not sharing it and K got super offended) but forgave her enough to play with her the entire time we were there, heh. We also did this virtual reality game that made me exceedingly nauseated. At the end, we went to redeem our tickets and the guy at the counter let us get prizes WAY out of our ticket range because the kids were so young — super nice guy. (Max really, really wanted a Spider Man lunchbox to the point that he’s still talking about it, even though the guy let him have Spidey colored pencils worth more than our tickets combined.) They had naptime after, and then we played outside and had a chill evening.


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