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fourth of july: er edition, details

July 4th, 2012 at 23:01

I posted that pic from the ER as we were working on being discharged. First off, Katie is okay, she just suffered a concussion. We had a bunch of friends over for a pot-luck bbq thingy (including userinfonoonle) and the kids were all playing in the hot tub. I was with Max doing other stuff, so I didn’t see it happen, but evidentially K fell out of the hot tub somehow. She was crying, and B worked on patching her up, but you could tell she had smacked her head on the ground because there was sand on her face (and she had some little scratches down the side of her body from the fall).

She started nearly immediately acting oddly, but it was so very much like over-tired toddler syndrome, and it was close enough to bedtime, that I had B take her to bed. However, she was writhing around and screaming for almost 30 minutes, when B and I switched. (First, I called the doc to see if they were open, but they weren’t and I wasn’t sure this warranted an ER trip.) With me, she was incoherent and kept talking about how she was in pain, but she couldn’t tell me where. In between these moments she was talking absolute nonsense and couldn’t stop moving. I finally got her to sleep, went to put Max to bed, and 10 minutes later, heard her screaming again.

Apparently she had barfed all over her bed, so immediately I came out with Max in tow as B prepared things to go to the hospital. While he was looking for his keys, she suddenly stopped moving and laid unmoving on the floor, staring off into space. No lie, I literally was worried she died and started screaming her name at her while shaking her. She roused slightly, I told B that we had to go NOW, and grabbed Max as he grabbed her. We piled in the car, he sat in the back to keep her talking. (NB: I left the house without shoes. B and I both left our phones at home, too.)

In the hospital she screamed and cried nearly the entire time they were examining her, then vomited all over the hospital bed. (They gave her a teddy bear but she wanted nothing to do with it. They also gave me socks since I was barefoot, heh.) They ordered a CT scan and I, in the meantime, took Max home and asked Ava, who is a most amazing friend, if she’d come over and hang out with him asleep for a while so I could go back. While she drove over, B called to tell me that she had fallen into a deep sleep, which was good for the sake of the CT, and that they were reviewing the results. By the time I got there, they had found her CT was normal and said that she had suffered a concussion. So, we need to wake her every two hours tonight, and we have a prescription for Zofran if her nausea doesn’t abate.

Fucking scary.

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  1. Wendy Says:

    Scary shit indeed. I am glad she is going to be okay. *hugs for all of you*

  2. binary girl: the secret blog» Blog Archive » perspective Says:

    […] for hours afterwards; reminded me, all too well, of Katie laying on the floor when she had her concussion) and he was still recovering today, and then I went next door and held my neighbor’s new 3w […]

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