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mother’s day

May 14th, 2012 at 9:58

In anticipation of Mother’s Day, K&M’s school had parent’s night out on Friday, so Brandon and I decided that we would use a Groupon that we had for a local eatery and then hit the movies. Brandon’s bro and our SIL were also arriving that night, to stay with us for the weekend, so we arranged to meet them at the movies.

Dinner, at the Redwood Creek Grill, was … meh. I feel like that in the two times I’ve been there, the place is poorly prepared for the kind of business they would expect to get in downtown RWC. First time, even though we got there close to dinner opening, they were out of shortribs. This time, we both ordered them, but our portions were of vastly different size, mine was warm but B’s was half-cold, and they were sauced a TON (which put B off to the point that he didn’t even eat his). However, service-wise, they were great; they gave us each a free glass of wine and gave B a coupon for a free entree at a later date. On a Groupon.

Then, we went to see The Avengers. I had been having back problems earlier that day, and I had taken a muscle relaxant, so … apparently that, mixed with the wine, meant that I was literally unable to not doze off during the movie. This makes me slightly irate at myself because I really wanted to see the damn movie! :P

Afterwards, Aubrey and I went home, while Derek surprised Katie and Max by showing up with B at PNO.

The next day we did our typical stuff; gym class, lunch, and then we spent the day hanging out outside and enjoying the sun (and hot tub). I was still nearly comatose (I am not sure if it was from the meds from the day before or the fact Max woke up four times or what) so my wonderful husband and BIL/SIL let me take a nap. Love those peeps. Then we made ribs and it was nom. Aubrey gave me a massage (she’s a licensed massage therapist) that was in turn totally agonizing and great. :) We ended the night with Thor (which I managed to stay awake through).

Mother’s day was AWESOME. It started out with me sleeping in (hurrah!) and then breakfast of bacon, scramble, and fruit salad. Then we went on a bike ride down Cañada Rd (5.7 miles each way), half of which is closed to non-bike traffic on Sundays; I was on my new bike, K&M were in the trailer behind Brandon, and Aubrey and Derek rode our mountain bikes. The ride was super windy but totally awesome, and we even took a little side-tour to the Pulgas Water Temple because K&M had both conked out. (Disgusting bit: there’s a reflecting pool in front of the temple and I was like, wtf, there’s something that looks like a stick floating in the pool. Turns out… no, it was a dead squirrel floating there. Since it was floating in water it looked all normal and perfect, except that it was underwater. Somehow, I find this scene incredibly disturbing and I’m annoyed at myself for having investigated it.)

conked out

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When we got back to our cars (I totally went all out and sprinted up the hill on the way back and was feeling great about myself until Derek showed up, riding circles around me… damn competitive bikers being in shape and stuff!) we found that one of B’s rear windows had been broken out. Since the door was still locked, and my car behind him was totally unscathed, we think that a projectile from the freeway was responsible, but it was still a bit of a bummer. So, we all drove the cars back to our house, dropped his off, piled in mine, and headed out for a late lunch and some froyo for the kiddos. Then it was back home, where we played more, and had fun with Grammy and Grandpa, and had delicious fish tacos for dinner.

Katie and Max LOVE Derek and Aubrey. It makes me ridiculously happy when my kids feel comfortable and affectionate towards people who I also love and feel comfortable and affectionate towards, mainly because it means those people get to see the side of my kids that I do. Katie and Max also LOVE my parents. So last night was weird in that… they were happy being held by other people, and I almost (not quite) enjoyed a meal without someone in my lap!


I am so happy to be my kids’ mom. They’re the best thing I ever did… well, besides marrying the pretty awesome guy who helped make ’em. :D

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