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order and routine

March 22nd, 2012 at 15:54

I feel that, with Katie and Max, we’ve been fairly laid-back in our “routine-ness” — we never really scheduled events around their bedtimes, we would let them nap on the go or in the car or whatnot, and we don’t usually do the same thing on a day-to-day basis except our dinner and bedtime routine. This is our normal lifestyle, so it always surprises me (although it shouldn’t) that when there is a small element of routine that is interrupted, it doesn’t usually bode well.

For example:
Katie usually gets chocolate milk as a treat for listening to the teacher in gym class. When her class was later in the day, we’d go for mac-n-cheese/ice cream lunch at a local restaurant, but we moved her to an earlier class (so she’d be less tired and thus more willing to listen) and that was replaced (which went okay). Usually, she and I hit the chocolate milk place after class, grabbing one at a drive through. Last week, however, B picked one up on the way to meet us at class: cue FREAKOUT from K. She had a melt-down the likes of which I haven’t seen for months and months, all because she wanted to drive-through and get the milk like we always do.

Or, with Max — I started reading him a book every night before bed (Rainbow Rob) and now he is obsessed with it. He wants to read it CONSTANTLY and if I try to put him to bed without it he stands up and points to it and demands that I read it.

I know that children crave routine and predictability but I still think it’s interesting to see where they find it and what they do when small things that wouldn’t seem like a big deal are changed up.

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