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nickypants and ashface

March 21st, 2012 at 14:18

Nicky has been backed off on all of his IMHA meds for a while now — he’s just taking a small steroid dose and a stomach buffer three times a week. I can tell he is getting older; I think he’s slightly deaf or blind, because he doesn’t respond nearly quickly enough to stimuli. He also feels older — when I hold him he feels, I dunno, frailer and skinnier.

His stomach has recently been having the same issues we ran into in November. I think that it’s spawned by giving him non-dogfood; B fed him and Ash some corned beef on Saturday and since then, he’s been falling apart. It was so bad last night that Brandon, who normally doesn’t even wake for kid screaming, woke up just because of the sound that Nicky’s stomach was making. :(

Ash is pretty attention-starved; he has a major issue with self-control around the kids (to the point that Max, when holding food, will shriek at him if he’s even across the room looking in his direction) so he and Nicky spend a lot of the time that we’re home, before bed, having to be segregated from us in order to ensure that they won’t steal food. He actually jumps up at the table when the kids are there and will take things from their hands or in front of them if they’re not paying attention (or if I’m not). Meh. I do try to make up for it with lots of concentrated cuddles after the kids are in bed, though.

He’s a couple years younger than Nicky so he doesn’t seem so obviously aged but I’m starting to come to terms with the fact that they’re almost 11 and 9. Waaa. :(

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