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March 15th, 2012 at 11:23

– Katie has been sweetly trying to help Max lately. We’ve been talking to her a LOT about listening to his cues, mainly because she is very pushy at times and he is striving for some independence (imagine them screaming at each other as a result; my ear drums may never recover). He loves her fiercely, and vice versa, and it makes me teary and happy to see it.
– Katie likes to make up words to songs. She is JUST LIKE ME. She can also spend an entire car ride telling me a story. She literally did not stop talking in the car on the way to school yesterday.
– Max has figured out how to give kisses with his mouth as compared to just bonking me in the face with his head. As a result, we had a love-filled kissfest before swim class yesterday.
– I’ve added reading a book into Max’s nighttime routine and he LOVES it. I’ve been reading him “Rainbow Rob” (which I can almost recite by memory now… “Rob is black and Rob is white, no color at all, just dark and light. But Rob does not like black and white, he’d like to be a brighter sight! Then, one day, Rob looked up at a rainbow sky. He looked up and wondered, Why? If there is red and pink and blue, could he be rainbow-colored too?” etc)
– Katie’s favorite game right now is “I Spy.” In the car, she’ll suddenly say, “I have an idea, let’s play I Spy! I the boss applesauce!” One of my favorites was “I Spy… someone in a stripey shirt with paint on her nails!”
– Max likes to hold hands and lead you places.
– Katie laughed hysterically in her sleep last night. It was a little bit disconcerting.

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