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January 3rd, 2012 at 10:42

New Year’s Eve Day was spent with Katie and I hitting the mall to return something and gather cupcakes for me, and her getting a little chocolate milk at McDonald’s. We had lots of hugs and love while we were out, which made my heart swell.

Nom nom nom

In the meantime…

New Year’s Eve, when you have two short, young people in your life, is rarely an exciting event. Since they don’t understand the concept of sleeping in, I’m somewhat loathe to stay up late just to ring it in because I know I’ll not only be awake a few times that night, but I will also be up bright and early at 6am!

That said, little Max is teething, so while he went to bed at his normal time (and Katie stayed up until 9ish before she needed to hit the hay), he was awake and happy to ring in the new year.

Sleepy, teething kiddo is cute.

The next day was supposed to be Fake Christmas with my family, but my mom caught this killer cold that seems to hang around for over a week, and since I have more negative PTO than is reasonable for a human being (thank you family reunion near the start of a new job), I can’t afford to take time off. Instead, Elyssa came over (visiting from Philly) and we hung out in the back yard for the whole day. The weather was amazing and the kids were really awesomely behaved, except for one moment of Almost Death: Max pushed Katie up on the lawn so she pushed him back, but since he was standing at the top of the stairs, he started falling — and was only saved by B snatching him as he toppled. Had he actually fallen, there is absolutely no doubt that he would have either been hospitalized or possibly killed.

So, yeah, that put a damper on things.


Apparently hanging out in the hot tub kicked K’s butt because she was supposed to have timeout for not listening that night (5:30ish) and asked that it be in her room. Three minutes later she was SACKED OUT. Finally I decided to try to rouse her… she was incredibly adorable as she’d pulled her comforter over her head so her cheeks were rosy and her eyes would barely open. I tried to put a pull-up on her and she literally FELL APART and had a crazy tantrum. (I learned from this experience, as we shall see!) Eventually she was up, had some crackers, and went back to bed at a more appropriate (for her) time.

Monday was a federal holiday for MY BIRTHDAY! Woot woot.
All in all, the day was a little more stressful than I would have liked, but it was great having a couple of friends over and further enjoying our yard. I honestly can’t wait for warmer weather because I don’t see us spending much time at all indoors now that we have a pretty awesome outdoor area to enjoy (although we still need a few things like umbrellas, some more furniture, and we need to get the play structure for the kids in order — a friend is giving us theirs). Katie again was sacked out by her time in the hot tub, and fell asleep on Daddy while we were INCREDIBLY LOUD AROUND HER.

Her head was wet and she had been laying the other way on B, hence the wet mark on his shirt.

This time we learned our lesson. Happily, she was ready for bed, so we plopped her in at 6 … and she woke up cheery at 8 and didn’t go to sleep until 11. :)

Here are some new year’s resolutions from me:
– work on my patience as a parent and a spouse
– make a definitive decision on 3 kids vs 2 (I had some pseudo-epiphany in the hot tub last night that made me realize I’m not ready to say no yet, at least on an emotional level)
– try to up the cleanliness threshold in our house
– institute some sort of screen-time rule for the kids
– work on weaning Max from the paci at 2 as well as getting the kid to, you know, sleep
– loving kindness!

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