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September 6th, 2011 at 13:35

Here are some things that happened over the weekend:

– On Saturday, the contractors poured concrete into some of the huge gaping maw holes in our backyard. As part of redoing our retaining walls, they dug holes for these huge steel beams to go down — one was 16ft into the ground, meaning that if a child or animal (both would have fit) fell into it they would have effectively been lost forever. Suffice it to say that B and I kept our kiddos and pups well away from both. So, they put the steel in and then poured concrete around it, and we all went out to look at what was going on and talk to one of the guys when suddenly Katie decided to try to stand on the (wet) concrete and almost lost her shoe as she immediately sank in. I was holding Max, and Brandon wasn’t looking down, but thankfully the guy we were talking to yanked her up immediately and we rinsed off the concrete before it started burning her skin. Scary nonetheless!

– I had about a billion hilarious conversations with my extremely precocious child. One of my favorite parts of the weekend was when she played dress-up — first she opted to pretend to be a tiger, so she grabbed her Halloween costume from last year (which still fits) and roared at us for a while. Then I got her to dress up as a fire fighter and she ran around in circles pretending to be a truck with a siren.

– Max has developed the most amazing, crazy loud, high-pitched shriek I have ever heard. I remember when Katie started shrieking and this is at least 10 times louder — he full-on screams his little heart out in happiness and it’s SO HIGH-PITCHED AND LOUD. He did it directly in my ear at one point and I am still suffering residual hearing loss.

– Max had his first confirmed night-terror, waking up scream-crying. He slept okay after that but I felt awful for my smileybean. :(

– We had an awesome afternoon at our friends’ house, and they offered us the use of their pool and house for K/M’s birthday party. This means that I can have a bbq and enjoy their nice pool instead of using the swim school, which is amazing, and so generous of them to offer.

– On Sunday we hit the local elementary school to ride bikes (well, to watch K ride hers) and I met some of our neighbors. They have kids who are older than K, and I was talking to them about a another family who was moving out and gave Katie their Tinkerbell sleeping bag when they didn’t sell it at a garage sale. The mom then asked me if K liked Tink, and when I replied yes, they offered to give Katie their practically new Tinkerbell Cafe. They dropped it off on Monday while she was sleeping, so I set it up and then when she came out, I told her the paci fairy had visited and wanted to show that they are friends (I am trying very very hard to convince K that she should give the paci fairy her pacis) so she brought her a fairy present. When Katie turned around and saw it, it was like Christmas morning: “Oh WOW. That so PRETTY! That for me?” She played with it quite a bit before we had to leave the house, and asked me questions about all the different parts.

– Our neighbors had a neighborhood party yesterday and holy cow, there are a TON of little kids in our neighborhood. We had an awesome time, and I am happy our house is surrounded by so many likable people. I started a Y! group for us to plan playdates in, and we all exchanged email addys. :)

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