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10 months?!?!

August 8th, 2011 at 12:30

Dear Baby Max,

We are only going to able to call you Baby Max for a few more months. What’s with this growing older business? I protest!

Love, Mommy

This last month has been crazy for Max. He has two teeth poking out, two more teeth about to poke out, he started crawling July 28, and by August 5 (9 days later) he was navigating himself up the two single stairs we have in our house. He started out doing what I dubbed “frankencrawl” (one of the 25 recognized crawling gaits, where one leg is bent and somewhat dragged along — meaning that he could very easily push himself back into a sitting position) but now he’s doing a combination of “normal” crawling (when he wants to go long distances) and frankencrawling when he is going to grab something nearby. He is also kicking bootie in the cruising area — he stands up and cruises with no problem at all, and is fairly steady. In fact, lately, he likes to crawl over to wherever I am, grab my pants, stand up, and then circle me, or stand there holding onto my leg. It’s like having a little puppy.

Max is still incredibly happy and loving. He laughs easily and rarely gets upset (the things that bug him when he’s not overtired are usually that Katie is stealing his toy or poking him). He always wants to do what Katie is doing and tries to take her food or toys all the time, and she makes him SO happy (when she isn’t being too rough). He spends most of every night sleeping with me, which I don’t mind, because Katie is so intense at the end of the day that I like having snuggle time with him. (It’s hard to argue with a little person who, the moment they realize you’re next to them, conks right out and starts doing the cutest little baby snore.) He LOVES TO EAT and eats 2-3 size 2 jars each meal, plus lots of whatever we’re eating. He also likes it when I brush his teeth (I’m working on things that I think bit me in the behind with Katie — mainly, food texture, tooth brushing, and paci usage. In fact, I think the paci fairy might come for ALL our pacis in the house at the same time).

Baby Max, in short, is FAB.

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