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sleep, glorious sleep

July 27th, 2011 at 21:16

We’ve had the same mattress since we moved in together in Madison, and for the past few months we’ve both been feeling its age. Because it’s a pillow-top, we could never do the kind of rotating that would really keep it from developing valleys that have ultimately caused both Brandon and I to wake up in pain virtually every morning; additionally, I’ve changed how I sleep since having Max (mainly because we co-sleep right now), so what was comfy once isn’t working so well for me lately.

Anyway, Brandon and I have very different demands from a bed. He wants something much, much firmer than I do, which led us to look into a Sleep Number bed because it is highly customizable. The price tag actually drove us away until we were told that they were ending a promotion on the 23rd and selling all the floor models as a result (with new covers). This meant that we could get the highest-end mattress for half the cost. BAM! We were there! Brandon had to drive to Modesto to pick it up because they didn’t have any king size beds around here, but after our first night on the thing, I gotta say DANG IS THIS BABY COMFY. I will continue to update with my findings but last night I enjoyed a floaty night of comfort at sleep number 35 on my i10. And Max seemed to like it too :P

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