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backyard redo, aka “more money down the drain”

July 14th, 2011 at 9:50

We’ve been working on remodeling our back yard for probably 6 months now — we started a long, long time ago, because we knew we’d need to get engineering work done thanks to the fact that two of our retaining walls (that are 6-7′ tall) had failed. They were built in the 40s out of mortar and serpentine — something that is totally not allowable nowadays, which we planned on initially terracing but decided to instead replace with soldier-beam walls. On top of the failed walls, our yard was not usable as a play place for kids, and not really conducive to entertaining, which was becoming less and less okay as Katie and Max get older.

Anyway, I will get some pics up so you can see “before” and “during”, but we started demolition on Monday and things already look AMAZINGLY different. Most notably, they removed the 20′ wall of juniper that was the front hill. Since I’ve been home sick the past few days I got to hear comments from our neighbors — one guy drove by and stopped to tell me how much better it looked already, another honked and gave me a thumbs-up while pointing at the bare hill. We have a much better view from the front of our house now that the juniper is gone, and our yard is looking markedly bigger thanks to the removal of many of the trees (goodbye, cursed red bottlebrush!) and more juniper. They also took down the arbor attached to our shed and will be getting rid of the not-ever-used fiberglass greenhouse.

Katie’s highlight: seeing all the trees gone (“Where our trees go?”) and riding in the assorted machinery.

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