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July 11th, 2011 at 12:41


Friday was DATE NIGHT. OMG, I so needed it, too — after last weekend, in which Katie was possibly her most trying ever, I was completely run down. We hit up the Melting Pot (local awesome fondue joint) with Ava and Shane and we talked work and kids and it was just a great, great time. I am so happy to be friends with them. Brandon was a great date, too :) We ordered a house wine called Sexual Chocolate and made friends with the people who work there, as is our custom. Hopefully that made up for the fact that I showed up wearing a t-shirt and ripped jeans, because I am *that* classy.

Saturday started with Brandon hauling much wood from the back yard and Katie trying to help him. The dogs got groomed and Katie wore a new leotard to gym class, which was given to her as a gift by Taire:
Katie as a leopard ballerina
Her messy hair and expression make her look like a tarted up little urchin. Brandon said at one point that she looked like an old lady in a kid’s body — as in, this could be a grandma’s swimsuit. lol

We did our normal mac’n’cheese and ice cream lunch ritual and then headed home for K and M to take naps while B did more moving of wood (I’ll get to the whys of that in a minute) while I switched Max’s clothing from 9m to 12m. I find it surreal and bittersweet when my kids transition to new sizes, and now that Katie is in 3T and Max is in 12m I feel like they’re older than they really are. *sniff*

After naps, Katie and I went to go get the dogs from the groomer, and we also picked up some food for dinner. She really enjoyed being alone with me, but things started to unravel a bit when she decided to try to walk the dogs again. Caesar Milan would have a field day with our two, who pull and are endlessly horrible little beasts on leashes… meaning that Ash was yanking Katie all over the place, much like he did to her at the vet, when he dragged her and she ended up with a bloodied knee. (In my defense, I had shown her that he was going to do this to her inside, so she’d already been dragged across the linoleum, but she insisted on trying again outside and… well… yeah.) She ended up walking Nicky and talking about how Nicky was good, Ash was bad, and how Ash needed time out. She also showed me how to skip and trot like a horse.

We ended the day watching Bug’s Life, which K told me very earnestly was a little scary but that I’d be okay.

Sunday we went berry picking!
about to berry pick

K was SUPER stoked about it thanks to the episode about Caillou picking strawberries. She knew almost exactly what to do — she even read the sign to us: “No pick berries that are green. Pick red berries.” Max rode around on my back (he was developing a cold that he very sweetly gave to me because he loves me) and we all ran around for a while while Katie and Brandon did the dirty work of getting fruit off the vine.
berry picking!

I personally am anti-stawberry-picking after being tortured as a child with strawberry picking but I ate enough that I was happy with the ordeal. We also bought some jam and I made friends with the jam-making lady. Afterward, we stopped at a sweet local pub and had lunch and schmoozed with the friends who had also come along, then we headed home and played outside while Brandon hauled MORE wood.
hanging outside

Katie pissed Max off by dumping water on his head but they got over it, eventually.

Anyway, we are doing a HUGE demolition project of our back yard — removing the juniper and most of the plants and the existing patio and walls and creating new retaining walls ($$$) because the current walls have failed (they’re like, 40+ years old and made of big rocks mortarted together). We’ve been working on plans for this for months and months and we’ve started today, so Brandon wanted to get all the stuff outside that we wanted to save inside the garage (motorcycles x4, BBQ, toys, etc). One of the things that we had out there is a HUGE pile of firewood — I mean HUGE. The guy who lived here before was stockpiling like nobody’s business but I would rather burn Duraflames on the occasions that I want to start fires inside (better for the environment on both ends) so we rarely used any. So, B kept carting it to the front of the house and we put a notice on Freecycle so we gave away a few hundred dollars worth of wood (way better than sending it to landfill). AND we met some cool people, so it was awesome.

The bad part? B chipped a tooth. I don’t know how he managed it but I suspect he was gnawing on the wood.

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