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May 24th, 2011 at 17:04


Kissy Moose! Katie and Brandon invented a very wily moose, named the Kissy Moose, who has antlers (styled by putting your hands on your head) and chases you to kiss you. It’s a very effective way to eek kisses out of Little Miss.

Bottles are for sissies! Max won’t eat bottles at daycare unless he’s had solids first. So, he’s eating 2-4.5 #2-sized jars a day, and dropped from 24 ounces to less than 16. I am wondering if he’s reverse cycling.

Bouncebouncebounce Katie has figured out how to climb into the bouncer by herself and thinks it’s pretty hysterical to play there. Her legs are SO long that it’s funny to watch.

The kids who play together giggle together. Katie and Max have started playing together — Katie is figuring how to interact with him in more gentle ways, and he thinks she is HILARIOUS. I’ve had to stop myself from interrupting when I think she might be hurting him and instead wait for his cue (crying) because sometimes, things I think he won’t like make him laugh. It’s awesome.

HOME RUN! Katie is awesome at t-ball. She wanted to play after we watched some baseball practice at the school near our house, and not only is she good at t-ball, she can also hit a ball that is tossed to her, more often than not. Clearly she’s MLB material.

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