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May 23rd, 2011 at 17:33

Nicky’s PCV on Sunday was an AWESOME 28.6% — that’s almost three times his lowest levels! He is so much perkier, and I feel incredibly lucky that he pulled through. (Not sure that our bank account will, though… lol.)

We dropped the doxy and tummy meds, but his stomach is still acting wonky, so we’re going to add it back in. He’ll likely be on prednisolone for life, but we’ll hopefully be able to wean it down a little in a few months (which will be nice because he’s I’d like to not have to give him as many stomach meds — the carafate especially is a pain because it blocks absorption of other meds so it must be given separately, on an empty stomach, and he needs it 3x/day, so B needs to go home and administer it).

Anyway! Yay! Thanks for reading all my posts about this. :D

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