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May 19th, 2011 at 10:30

I forgot to mention that Max ate fried rice earlier this week. He really is crazily into solid food — which is so odd, considering all my babying experience to this point has been with a kid who doesn’t like food. Wait, what? You’re telling me kids are all different? Anyway, every time there is food around, he first observes it, then rapidly dive-bombs it, grabs it, and attempts to maneuver it into his face. This happens irrelevant of whether or not he’s recently nursed, too. I have to play defensive linebacker when I eat dinner with him in my lap now.

(10:24:52 AM) Brandon: BTW, you put an extra bottle in today.
(10:24:59 AM) Brandon: [DCP] only needs 3 bottles total.
(10:25:12 AM) Alison: i thought she wanted three 5s and a 6
(10:25:30 AM) Brandon: Nope.
(10:25:34 AM) Brandon: 2 5s and a 6.
(10:25:51 AM) Brandon: Max is now EATER MAN!
(10:26:00 AM) Brandon: Eater of ALL THINGS THAT COME NEAR HIS FACE!
(10:26:12 AM) Brandon: He’s like the Saarlac pit, but slightly cuter.

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