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my baby! where did she go!?

May 18th, 2011 at 9:16

Katie has been dressing herself for a couple of week now, but only in the past week has she done it with any proficiency. It totally blows me away — this morning she got herself entirely dressed correctly (undies, shirt, pants, socks, shoes), except for the backward undies. It’s a slow, frustrating process, because she absolutely will NOT let you help her and if you attempt to do so, she’ll take off the offending piece of clothing and start over (even if it was almost completely on).

Thank goodness that she takes direction well — if I tell her that her shoes are on the wrong feet, she’ll flip them; if I tell her her shirt is inside-out, she’ll turn it right. Usually I try to set her up for success by making sure things aren’t inside-out before we start, though. :) She knows to find the big holes to start with and will keep trying to poke her arm out her sleeves WITHOUT HELP (G-d forbid you help the child) until she gets it all right.

My kiddo! *sniff* 2.5 years of toddler DOOOOOOOOOOoooom

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