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jackhammering the baby out

September 15th, 2010 at 11:46

I worked from home yesterday because we’re having a stem wall installed in our garage. Essentially, the garage is on a slab, and the living room, which was formerly the garage before the old owners expanded the house, is also on a slab, and they are level with each other, meaning that any run-off that comes into the garage could flow naturally towards the living room and do severe water damage. A stem wall goes between the two rooms, next to the connecting wall in the garage, to help that; also, we’re having it installed deep so that we can eventually bolt supports to it when we add a second story. (Now I must pause and imagine the day that we have enough money to do that… when I’m in my 70s…)

Anyway, I didn’t expect the LOUDNESS of the construction, nor the amount of cement dust I’d be inhaling as a result of Brandon accidentally leaving a window near the garage open and dust coming in under the door connecting the garage and the house. It was good that I was there, though, because the dogs were spazzing out for the initial part of the construction (until they got used to it). When I went to get lunch I was talking to the guys who were jackhammering and I pantomimed doing it myself, saying, “Hey, maybe I should try and see if this will shake the baby out.” They laughed. :)

I’ve been having intermittent contractions (and I mean really intermittent; although they’ve picked up, they’re still like, at least an hour apart) but constant BHs since Monday night. So, no news to report. I meant to find out if I was GBS+ at my last appointment but forgot to ask, so I’m going to follow up on that tomorrow; I’ve also been doing a bit of walking because it’s helping me feel better (oddly, considering the amount of pelvic pain I’ve had during this pregnancy). We’re still on the fence about whether or not B will be leaving to go to Colorado for his brother’s wedding on Friday night — we are DEFINITELY playing it by ear, but I think it’ll be determined by whether or not I spontaneously give birth today (meaning we’d be out of the hospital by the time he leaves) and what my OB says tomorrow.

Woot! 38w4

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