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random decision!

Sunday, June 4th, 2006

Baraboo and Devil’s Lake for impromptu diving! YAY! I’m gonna try out my dry suit (and thus bake myself much like a salmon in the heat). I trimmed the gaskets last night so hopefully, the chances of my dying from lack o’ blood flow are lessened.

rollin’ rollin’ rollin’

Thursday, April 13th, 2006

We had our last bowling of the league last night. Before we started, Brandon used The Claw to grab a Forty-Niners Bear with Steve Young’s number! In WISCONSIN! It was obviously fate. Now Steve Young Bear is sitting on my desk, in all his red glory. (Please keep in mind that I am not, by any means, a football fan, but I grew up with the Niners and Joe Montana so I do love them for nostalgic reasons.)

I rode my bike to work today. That was fun, but I hate how biking hard makes my jaw and teeth hurt. However, I’ve yet to fall of my bike yelling “NARM!” so I think I’m okay. I’m getting better at feeling less like everyone is staring at me when I ride, so I am enjoying myself a little more and pushing myself a little less hard. This means I recover more quickly (aka de-sweat) when I get to work so I can change into work clothes and not stick to them. (For some reason, wearing lycra shorts and a bike jersey makes me assume that everyone out there who sees me is thinking that I am obviously NOT a bike rider and thus should cease and desist with the shorts posthaste, so I bust my hump trying to ride hard. Which, while being good exercise, also means that I hardly enjoy the ride and have a virtual coronary when I go up the last hill near my work.)



Tuesday, January 31st, 2006

I pulled a muscle in my back lifting weights tonight and now I hate everything!

Well, everything that’s not Clone High or made from chocolate.


Monday, January 23rd, 2006

Holy cow, are my thighs sore. I did some squat thingys on Saturday and I can’t walk now.

And, since it’s been two days, I get to do more tonight! Woo!

*does a little dance*

Monday, September 12th, 2005

My scuba stuff showed up today!

+ free reg bag
+ free gear bag
+ free upgrade from Veo 180 to Veo 250 (dive computer)
+ free upgrade from older Blizzard to newer Blizzard (regulator)

Hee hee.

the honey is nice to me

Thursday, September 1st, 2005

Brandon is taking me diving in Mexico for my bday! Woot!

the lady who went fishing for Alison

Wednesday, August 31st, 2005

So, a tale from last weekend’s scuba trip:

When you dive in Devil’s Lake, you’re required to tow a dive flag around with you. In our case, this was an inflatable tube-like thing that had the words “diver below” written on in, and a huge scuba flag (you know, the red flag with a white diagonal through it) hanging from the top. The law says that you’re not supposed to boat or do any underwater activity w/in 100 feet of a dive flag so you don’t injure the divers below it. So, that’s a good thing.

As we were swimming along, a fish (who I will from now on refer to as Mr. Fishy) swam up and was giving me a look. As I gave him a look back, I noticed that there was a broken fishing line hanging out from his mouth, which I grabbed because I was going to attempt to remove the hook from it’s mouth. After fumbling around a little, Brandon took Mr. Fishy and showed me that he had a lure hooked in his stomach, and it was starting to pull his stomach out of it’s mouth. Pretty much, the fish was on it’s last fins. I was sad. :(

At this time I also noticed that there was a fishing line right in front of me with a worm and hook. Not wanting to get tangled in it, I pulled it a few times until the owner of said line reeled it in. I figured that they wouldn’t cast again until the dive flag was out of the way, and began to swam off.

A second later, Brandon grabbed my ankle and pulled me backwards. Apparently, the line had been almost immediately recast and had caught me in the leg. I tried to stay still, he pulled it out of my wetsuit, and then he attached the dead fishy to the line. Since we were at around 20 feet, I decided to ascend and let the folk know that they were hitting us.

Immediately upon ascending I said, “Hey, I just wanted to apologize about that pulling on your line — you caught my wetsuit and we needed to remove the hook.” There was a woman and a man on the shore. The woman, with the fishing pole, started SCREAMING at me that I needed to pay better attention to where we were diving and learn how to share the lake. I told her that I wasn’t looking to argue, that I couldn’t very well see her from 20 feet below water, and that I was just letting her know what happened. She continued to yell and berate us for diving there while her husband softly called apologies for catching me with the line. I decided that instead of arguing the law with her, after apologizing again, I would just disappear under water.

Later that day a bystander approached me and let me know that they thought she was out of line. Heh. :)

what’s that you say, sonny?

Monday, August 22nd, 2005

My ears are all wonky today. I’m pretty sure it’s since we spent the weekend scuba diving — by the time we’d finished our deep dive yesterday I was having issues with clearing them, but not to the point that I had to stop. At the end of the weekend, I got my AOW! 100 feet, here I come! (As long as the temp at 100 feet is not freezing cold. Yesterday we went to 60 feet, where it was 35 degrees and I wanted to curl up fetus-style and float back up to the warm bits.)

If you’re curious, an Open Water certification gives you the ability to go 60 feet deep (so most people will plan dives to 50 or less); Advanced Open Water teaches you how to do night diving, search and retrieval, deep diving, underwater navigation, underwater nature stuff, and you can then go down to 100 feet. The maximum a recreational diver can dive is 130 feet, and that’s AOW with a deep diving specialty.

Yesterday was also Brandon’s birthday. His best friend Jamie came to visit this weekend, but because the AOW class coincided with his visit, he got to spend time at the quarry with us. (Brandon defended said decision thusly: 1. If we didn’t do it this weekend we’d miss all the other summer dives because I wouldn’t have my AOW, and the next class was in October, and 2. What the heck would you do in Wisconsin if you weren’t hanging out at a lake?) We went out to dinner on me, and I proceeded to watch them reminisce about their childhood together while they drank yummy brews and this weird thing called an “Irish car bomb” (Jamison and Bailey’s in a shot glass that’s dropped into a Guinness and drunk before it’s had time to curdle). There were some things that were sort of weird/hard to hear about, but on the whole, it was fun.

Anyway. Caroline and Josh are going to the Netherlands, Czech Republic, and Germany next month! Me jealous!

scuba is teh rad!

Saturday, August 13th, 2005

Holy crap was today cool! I mean, except for the fact that my goggles were fogged so I couldn’t see much (combined with the shitty visibility thanks to the torrential rains yesterday). We took a 20 min dive to 30′ and then a 25 min dive to 40′ (normally you do the deepest first, but knowing that we were only doing two dives and the first was skillz test, I’m not too upsetted). My new wetsuit was totally perfect; we dived on a sunken boat and I chased some fish around mercilessly.

I see an addicting hobby in my future.


Thursday, August 11th, 2005

Today: scuba written test.
This weekend: scuba dives.
At the end of this weekend: open water certified! I can dive to 60 feet!
Next Thursday: advanced open water classroom.
Next weekend: scuba dives.
At the end of next weekend: advanced open water certified! I can dive to 100 feet and will know all about underwater navigation, naturalist diving, night diving, deep diving, and search and recovery techniques!


Tuesday, July 26th, 2005

First off, I got my wetsuit (look at the closeup pic for a pic of my black/dark cherry suit) last night. It’s fricking HARD to put on. And I lost about 2000000 pounds of water via sweating. Wee.

Also, last night I had to go underwater with my eyes closed and pretend to lose my mask. This is frustrating when you can’t open your eyes (or lose your contacts). I also inhaled water. :)

Yay scuba!

it’s erica’s fault

Wednesday, July 13th, 2005

userinfosugarandbrine‘s post about Supersize Me had the opposite effect of that which was intended: I went to McDonald’s for lunch. Hamburger Happy Meal with apple dippers, please!

Thanks, Erica! Thanks for nothing! :P

And considering that I can’t really exercise in the ways that I like because of my rere ankle, I just know I am going to end up like that guy… although I hope that I also get a TV show as a result.


Wednesday, July 13th, 2005

As I mentioned on Monday in passing, I did something not nice to my ankle when we took the puppies to the dog park on Saturday by chasing them around and stepping in a hole, which caused me to wrench it and fall forward (in a fit of my usual grace). I couldn’t walk for about 10 minutes (Brandon was very manly and picked me up and carried me to a bench) but there wasn’t any evidence of swelling other than a little puffiness. I recovered and continued to play with them, and it didn’t really start hurting again until that night, when I was lying in bed. (I’m a freak. And I like parentheticals.)

Anyway, I tried to do some elliptical training last night and got 10 minutes into it before I had to stop, because my still-not-swollen ankle hurt like a muthah. So now I have a strange excuse to not do any exercise! Woot! (Not really, though, because it just makes me feel like a lazy sack.)

*yawn* (yawn)

mmm, pool water!

Monday, July 11th, 2005

I was wonderfully reminded of water aerobics with userinfobloodlossgirl, et al, tonight, when we had our first pool scuba lesson. It started with unintended exercise: 6 lengths and then 10 min of treading water, but it was still enjoyable :) B is *so much fun*, and we cause tons of trouble together — he is the perfect man! swoon I now smell decidedly chlorine-laden.

Today has been a good day.

underwater mountain

Friday, July 8th, 2005

I had my first scuba class last night, and I have my first pool dive on Monday. I’m excited! However, I have now realized the following:
– this is a frickin’ expensive sport
– I need to get a doctor’s permission because of my circulatory disorder, wee

So, this summer I will have learned how to sail and how to scuba dive. Not bad! :)

sailing… takes me awayyyy (part 2)

Friday, June 24th, 2005

Of the five people in my class, only two of us — myself and Don — received our Tech light weather ratings. It was gorgeous on the water, although the wind was fairly unpredictable, and the most interesting thing happened as a result of our not having enough boats and my being paired with the guy who couldn’t swim.

See, in order to receive your rating, you need to capsize your boat completely and then right it. When it came time for us to capsize, my partner started flipping out because he was scared to get in the lake, so the teacher (Lauren) had to come over and tie up to us. I had him jump out into the lake (I figured it’d be less scary than falling in out of our tipping boat) and proceeded to do the capsize myself (pretty much hanging on to the hiking strap and leaning far over the water). Then the guy REALLY started to freak out and the teacher had to jump into the water and get him and calm him down. I managed to jump up, grab the centerboard, and use Lauren’s leg to hop up on the top (our boat was riding high because of all the air under the hull). As I started to right the boat (involving hanging onto the centerboard and sticking your butt out over the water), the guy was hanging onto the side that was going under the water (when we righted it one side needed to go through the water and pop up on the other side) and wouldn’t let go. We started yelling at him and his head (with hat) actually went under the water, at which point Lauren had to swim down and GRAB him to get him to release his grip.

So, needless to say, he didn’t receive his rating. :)

(name meme)

sailing… takes me awayyyy

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2005

I had my first sailing lesson yesterday, and it KICKED except for the fact that it was absolutely sweltering and we were standing in the sun for most of the time. Oh yeah, and the boom (the big pole on the bottom of the main sail) decided that it didn’t like my head and decided to bang into it when we were practicing. But I did end up kicking ass at tacking (after a little while) and my landing was really sweet — making me hope that I will get my light rating tomorrow.

We watched B windsurf while we were talking, too, which was fun, mainly because it consisted of watching him fall over repeatedly. :)

don’t you worry

Friday, June 17th, 2005

Man, today is going FAR better than yesterday was, at least for me — probably because I am firmly entrenched, once again, in “bemused”. :) I think having my iPod around is probably helping, too, because it’s hard to be annoyed or angry when listening to your fave tunes.

The release last night went flawlessly, and we helped out someone in another group while we were working on it. So, I actually had something of importance to report this morning that didn’t involve me or my team fixing anything — a first!

Exciting: I’m going to learn how to sail! My first lesson is Tuesday, and my second is Thursday. I’m pumped!

*bounce bounce*

Monday, June 13th, 2005

First day of the new bike computer yields the following information:
Distance: 3.31 mi
Time: 15:50
Average speed: 12.2 mph
Maximum speed: 21.5 mph



Monday, June 6th, 2005

I feel all flexy — I woke up sore from the “core” workout yesterday that somehow got my thighs involved and rode a new way to work! This is good stuff. Hopefully, I will soon stop feeling like a sausage in my biking pants.

Seriously. I don’t even want to stop in at stores wearing the damn things, even if they are totally cooler and more comfy. Blech. Plus, who needs the padded butt effect? (They have padding in the butt so you feel like you’re wearing a diaper, but which helps in the long run. Scott, back me up here.)

On my new quest for health, which is including this “biking to work” thing (although I need to take the dogs to the groomer over lunch tomorrow so I need to drive), I have also decided not to drink Diet Coke (or any soda) at home anymore, except as a treat. Yes, we get Diet Coke for free at work, but I am going to limit that, too. This is a HUGE thing for me, since I am seriously addicted to that stuff. Mmm. There are now 2 cans left in my fridge, and that’s it. I’m also starting to eat breakfast again and making my lunches a little more substantial, because I tend to eat little throughout the day and then gorge at night, which I doubt can be helping my metabolism. :)

Last night we had Brad over, since Erika went and abandoned him so she could check out some archives at Harvard (like her disseration is THAT important, hee) and we played Ghettopoly. Suffice it to say that even with owning all the liquor stores (railroads) and the crack house/pawn shop (utilities), I got slaughtered. Yowch.

Oh wow, I just totally lost my biker’s high and would now like a nap. (Naps are another thing that make me think of you, J-san!)