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feeling groovy!

Thursday, July 20th, 2006

Wow. Today I feel the best, mentally, that I’ve felt for a week. Maybe Thursday is an auspicious day for Alison?

Last night Brandon and I went to Old Chicago to do our SCUBA homework while drinking beer, where I ran into someone from work (think TLA). Then I went home and baked cookies because I felt the need to treat my team during our team meeting today, and made final arrangements with the wedding photographer… which went surprisingly smoothly (even though Brandon kept dropping the upstairs phone and rendering me deaf). I woke up at 1 am to see that he was still awake in bed next to me, although he tried to fool me by telling me that he really was asleep, and then I woke up again around 2:30 when the awesome thunderstorm that included 80mph winds and some really spectacular lightning started going insane. (That’s a run-on sentence, in case you were unaware.)

Storms rule when you’re indoors.

sleep in the mojave desert; two lovers in cloud country

Monday, July 17th, 2006

It’s still relevant:

The Wedding March

i am no longer amused.

Thursday, July 13th, 2006

(whine, whine, whine)

You know, I really like the people I work with. They’re fun and funny and on the whole, make me happy to work here.

And, as a final aside:
One month ’til the nupitals, yo.

you steal my shadow, you make my blood run dry

Wednesday, July 5th, 2006

Something that I’ve noticed about short weeks is that you don’t get the ramp-up before things go headfirst to hell; instead, you show up Wednesday to find that everything around you is f’d up. The good side, however, is that I’m still so rested from the fun shenanigans of the weekend that I’m more amused than irritated right now.

I’m not expecting that to last long, but whatcha gonna do?

Brandon and I were hoping to take a rescue diver class starting tomorrow but it looks like there’s too much of a conflict with our honeymoon. This makes me hope/pray that nothing bad happens to either of us on the trip that this class could have avoided… or hope that whoever we dive with is hot, should I need CPR.

‘Cause we all know you only wanna get CPR from someone hot.

in case you’re interested…

Saturday, July 1st, 2006

…I figured that posting the invites at this point isn’t bad, since… uh… all the information is on our website anyway. :)

All the invites thusfar. :)

i’m a sexy hypnotist.

Wednesday, June 28th, 2006

1: userinfocapitalfellow is my hero. He picked out the daddy/daughter dance song. (userinfoladymeshel is responsible for our first dance, as an aside.)
2: *does the userinfoseien dance*
3: Matt called me the night before last. Even thought it’s been like, six months since I last talked to him, it was like no time had passed… friendships like that make me happy.
4: I would like it to be the weekend now please.


Monday, June 26th, 2006


Please stop being idiotic or you will be uninvited to the wedding. Seriously. While I’m not one to pull the “this is about ME!” card, the wedding most certainly is not about you.

So grow the fuck up.


things to do, a list

Friday, June 23rd, 2006

(boring for you, necessary for me)

sometimes, crappy things happen.

Friday, June 23rd, 2006

I got a call from one of my bridesmaids last night that said that another of my bridesmaids found her friend, dead, apparently of suicide. She had to stay and id the body. So, now I’m all sorts of worried for her. [Edit: I just called her. Ugh. I feel so bad for her…]

Also, please note: T-50 days!

my eyeball is itchy

Thursday, June 15th, 2006

Dear allergies: BARKBARKBARK!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last night our dance teacher asked us to be in a showcase that’s in Belvidere (Illinois, not California, unfortunately, but yes, that’s really how it’s spelled). Holy cow.

We also added the a special, most hilarious move to our dance which I can say no more about because it will lessen the bridesmaid amusment factor if they know in advance. Suffice it to say: hilarious.

In other news, Brandon and I at times share a brain and I find this wonderful in many, many ways.

sap ahead…

Wednesday, May 31st, 2006

A side-effect of the writing exercise that Brandon and I just finished is an incredibly overflowing feeling of love that I have for him right now. Obviously I always love him, and I even like him most of the time :), but we’ve settled back into the quiet comfort with each other which is one of the awesome things about our relationship, so having that fire that reminds you how frickin’ incredible the person you’re with lit every now and then is just an awesome feeling.

Run-on sentence.

Right now he’s upstairs watching the most g-d awfully boring show on ESPN about classic boxing that was ever filmed, consisting of two really old guys and a younger guy watching old videos of Joe Lewis fighting in 1935 and commenting on it. I sat there and watched him watching it, loving (for no reason) that he was totally into this terrible, terrible show. And now I’m downstairs listening to him TiVo his way through the rest, and I’m practically Care Bear Staring a huge ray of adoration from my chest, hoping that he’ll somehow know that I’m desperately in love with him because he’ll feel it boring through the top of his head down through his entire being.

See? Sap.

*puts a fork in it*

Wednesday, May 31st, 2006

I have finished The Writing Exercise! And, I’m all sorts of pleased with it.

Two highly amusing and sad links:
You’re too fat to work here. Apparently this was written pre-sexual harrassment laws.
The first lesbian comic character! Too bad this is a romance comic and no super powers are involved…

wedding woe :P

Tuesday, May 30th, 2006

Brandon and I have to do a writing exercise as part of our wedding preparations. (I’d be more specific but y’all have to have some excitement to look forward to…) I’ve been trying to do mine ever since I learned of it but have found it hard to. Luckily, I gave us a fakey deadline of the end of May — aka tomorrow.

So I’m sitting here writing a blog entry instead of writing the damn thing. Aww yeah. :P

(It’s not that I don’t want to write it, more that I don’t feel like crying, which I know will be inevitable, because I’m a sap.)

[ETA 7:29pm] I’ve found the Rabbi’s instructions and have a whole paragraph done with no crying. Woot!

[ETA 8:03pm] I may very well die of a diabetic coma before I finish this…

[ETA 8:09pm] Almost cried! But staunched it!

shower fun!

Wednesday, May 24th, 2006

Check out all the pics from the shower!

The bridal shower, organized by Caroline, Marcia Goldman, and Frances Wisch (not without lots of help from their respective hubbys and Elyssa!), was FANTASTIC. It was originally planned as an outdoor pool party, as the theme was Fiji (which is where we’re going for our honeymoon), but it started raining pretty hard so we moved the fun indoors. It was still amazingly great, though. The decorations, including the cute little bride/groom sock monkeys, the inflatable pool toys (one which was a replica of an orca that I had when I was younger), the authentic Fijian shells, leis, and everything else (including the shiny palm tree outside the house… I am cursing myself for not getting pics outside… maybe someone has some to send me?) were awesome. The food… oh my lord. And Brandon and I got to wear grass skirts and drink our Mai Tais out of coconuts, and Brandon wore a highly attractive coconut bra in order to show off his assets as well as possible.

Our friends and family were far too generous with their gifts, for which I am thankful (and overwhelmed!). Everything we received was wonderful! Caroline went around and quizzed people with MadLibs, which she read prior to our opening the gifts and which were hilarious… I can’t remember the last time I laughed as much as I did that day. My mom took down some of what we were saying during the shower and then Caroline read those, which, out of context, sounded wholly inappropriate. :)

The best part of the whole event, though, was getting to see my friends, who I haven’t seen for a while… Elyssa flew in from Philly, Jenna and Seth came up from Los Angeles, and my friends from high school, Casey and Diane (who I haven’t seen for almost 10 years) were there, too. My new extended family was present, my uncle Fred was there from Seattle, and almost the entire Bellach’s office crew (including Sadye, Janice’s darling daughter). We missed our friends who couldn’t make it a LOT (Sari was off being uberimportant in Las Vegas, Kristi unfortunately got sick [Brandon pouted a lot about that!] so she and Geoff stayed home, Ava and Shane were devoured by construction on their house, my aunt Carole Joyce was sick also, and Taire wasn’t there, although I did talk to her for a long time the day before via phone and she sent a really kickass gift).

Also, Caroline made a soundtrack, which I am listening to. Aw yeah. :)

woot! ow! and other exclamations

Tuesday, May 23rd, 2006

Holy crap was our trip to the Bay Area packed:

We happened to sneak onto an earlier flight from Chicgao to SFO, so we arrived at my parents’ house (where B’s parents were hanging out) 2 hours earlier than usual. At which point we got fed. (My mom makes kickass spaghetti sauce, which I make as well, but there’s something special about mommy seasoning.) I also got to see my wedding invites, which are SO CUTE. *pinches self*

We woke up the next morning to do many a thing:

a) we performed as much of our little dance as we could remember for my parents (complete with messups from Alison), during which my mom got teary-eyed and said that she loves how good B and I are together;
b) we (my mom, myself, B’s parents, and B) went to the Men’s Warehouse and picked out groom and groomsmen clothing, which was about to be scary when the woman said the vest that we picked out for the groomsmen (which is perfect) wasn’t available for weddings. Luckily, we found away around their lame computer system and got exactly what we wanted — wee!;
c) B and my mom picked up foods for a party my mom was throwing that night (while I hung out with B’s parents, watching his dad get measured for his tux);
d) B’s mom, my mom, and I took my dress in to be altered and bustled, which was fun, especially when all these women kept walking into the store and telling me how beautiful I looked. (Seriously, that sort of stuff embarrasses me. But, I looked at the pictures we took there last night, and wow, that dress really does kick ass.);
e) B’s parents, B, my dad, and I visited Caroline and Josh’s new EQ3 location in Emeryville (in the Bay St. shopping center) (where Alison made a huge fool of herself by walking into the temporary store and, without noticing all the customers, said to Josh, “This place is filled with crap!” because I was trying to surprise him… yeah. I’m a dimwit.);
f) and finally, had a big get-together food thing at my parent’s house with 13 people, including my uncle John, fresh off the plane from Seattle (he’s moving to Hawaii).

On Sunday, the day of the shower, Brandon and I threw ourselves on the road very early in order to meet with our DJ. He cracks me up, and I think our reception is going to be super fun, especially considering what B and I chose for the introduction music for our respective attendants. After that, it was back to my parents’ house to get ready to rumble… at the bridal shower!

I’ll post about that seperately, tonight. I want to show pics. :)

All in all, the trip was exhausting but very awesome. The only downside is that my throat has decided to do something akin to strep and I can’t swallow. Diet Coke to the rescue!

i am here!

Tuesday, May 16th, 2006

Hi! *waves*

I am totally an emotional spaz this week. It’s awesome. And, to be clear, it has nothing to do with the wedding.

(wedding things to do)

The shower is this weekend, which is exciting, because it means that I will a) get to see folk and b) not be subjected to more of this miserable rainy weather of doom. DOOM DOOM DOOM!

alison’s got a gun

Monday, April 17th, 2006

Okay, that’s a lie — I own no gun and never will. I think that when I decide I want to arm myself, I’ll go all Weatherman and start carrying around either a bow or a crossbow. I think it would be most awesome to start this habit when I am pregnant, because I doubt there’s anything scarier to a perp than a pregnant chick with a crossbow.

However, it almost sounds cool enough to do at the wedding, in order to thorougly scare the crap out of Brandon and his entourage. ;)

I am very excited about my wedding today. This is an awesome change from being very, very scared about my wedding.

* In other news, userinfoohsochewy is on her way to Jeopardy fame! AND
* I get to be the only person at work on Sunday to do a push! But at least I’m important… AND
* I started working out again and it feels good! *waits to break someone’s neck with her thighs a la Mystique* AND
* I talked to Jenna, who is teh rad! AND
* ALIAS STARTS AGAIN WEDNESDAY!!!!!!! (too bad it’s been sucky) AND
* Sierra wrote me an email! I really miss her. :( AND
* Kevin and I went for a walk today and it was gorgeous out and we adventured!

The end.

dancing queen

Saturday, April 15th, 2006

I really, really love our dance classes. Today we had our fifth (with nine left) and have already figured out about 1/3 of our dance for the wedding. We made some tweaks today that are fab, and will work much, much better with a strapless top (oh no! Now you know something about the dress! *mock horror*).

However, more spinning has left me feeling a bit traumatized. Oy.

one wedding-related squee

Tuesday, April 11th, 2006

userinfoalyska mentioned that I haven’t been saying anything about my wedding so I shall.

Invites are picked out and mostly ordered!


wedding accomplishments

Sunday, February 5th, 2006

Accomplished today:

  • rehearsal dress acquired
  • registry finished (mostly)
  • formal linens bought (they were on clearance so I couldn’t pass them up)
  • shoes bought (to go with dress)
  • wedding makeup acquired