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Bryan Adams

Friday, December 13th, 2013

I was in the car this morning trying to make my Google Play turn on this amazing song by the Acabells of FSU (caution: Bitchy Resting Face ahead) but somehow it ended up playing Glass Tiger’s “Don’t Forget Me When I’m Gone”. And I was reminded, again, that somehow Bryan Adams shows up on a perfectly decent, rockin’ 80s anthem to… accompany? Or something?

So, this transpired on FB:

Alison, 9:39am
I’m I the only person who ever noticed/is distracted by Bryan Adam’s contributions to Glass Tiger’s “Don’t Forget Me When I’m Gone”?

Melissa, 9:41am
No – I remember he was on there and is probably the only reason that song got as far as it did in the 80’s.

Jill, 9:45am
Canadians all have this problem.

Alison, 9:48am
Jill, do you mean all Canadian rock bands have the same issue: “I was innocently recording a song and then Bryan Adams showed up and started trying to jam with me!” ?

Erika, 10:01am
Nope. Not just you.

Alison, 10:23am
Remember when Bryan Adams was big enough that Tina Turner sang on one of his tracks?

That reminded me that Del Amitri opened for Bryan Adams when he was touring a number of years ago, so I had to write Justin and ask if Bryan Adams was normal. It sort of shocks me that it has never occurred to me for pump him for information on this in all the years that I’ve known him, considering my devotion for Bryan Adams pre-and-up-to-“Everything I Do, I Do It For You”/”All For Love”.

And this leads me to tell an amazing story that I may have never told in this venue before, because at some point in my life between 1997 and now (how long I’ve had a blog) I’ve stopped caring about disclosing my silly teenagedom.

My mom and family are from Hawaii, so we’ve spent many vacations there. One year, instead of our usual haunts, we decided to hit the Big Island, and spent a lot of time driving the island to see the volcano, etc. I remember distinctly that I was very into Bryan Adams at this point, and as I spent most of my youth with a pair of earphones attached to my head, I made my way through most of my BA tapes in the long drives around the island. At one point, we stopped at a small local market for lunch, or whatever, and as I was EXCEEDINGLY boy-crazy at this age (I had a total reputation among my friends for this fact, even though I didn’t date until I was almost out of high school) I immediately noticed this super cute bagger who was helping us with our groceries. As is my habit to talk to anyone, I struck up a conversation with him and remember getting into the car that he was perhaps the guy that I was destined to be with (I was also exceedingly romantic at this age because I read far too many books, so that combined with my love for pop music — which is idealized and romantic generally, if it’s not a Del Amitri song — sort of overhyped my ideals of relationships).

About 20 minutes later, my chest REALLY started to hurt. And of course, I was absolutely convinced that I was experiencing true heart-break because my parents were driving me away from my one true love — DAMN THEM! I spent a lot of that car trip in misery, because my parents and sister clearly couldn’t understand what I was going through, and my chest frickin’ hurt.

Turned out that I had a chest cold from the air conditioning. The end.

if i posted more regularly…

Monday, September 16th, 2013

…then my posts might be more than just updates! Ha!

Work! It is insanity right now. We are in super-crunch mode.

Del Amitri is reuniting, in case you weren’t aware. I’m pleased.

I decided recently that I would like to convert my beauty products to cruelty-free, including wiping out all products sold in China (because even if a product is labeled cruelty-free, if they are sold in China, they are required under Chinese law to do a minimum of animal testing). (For the record: I am not necessarily against animal testing of things like pharmaceuticals, but I see no reason why beauty products would be tested on animals — my vanity is not worth it.) Someone suggested the line Paula’s Choice to me, and after researching them myself a bit, I was interested enough to purchase some samples (they sell them at a very affordable price so.. yay!). The line was started by a woman who started her career by researching the ingredients in all lines of cosmetics for efficacy, and eventually wrote books about which are the best in terms of living up to their claims from a scientific standpoint (as in which had ingredients that had results backed by clinical studies). She eventually started her own line and also continues to recommend the “best” from all other product lines that she and her team have researched. Besides the fact that I like the stuff their company stands for (they have a green policy, no animal testing, are community-involved, and have a 100% money-back guarantee), I was particularly drawn to two things: 1. the company doesn’t blow smoke about their products doing miracle crap that is never actually realistic (like, making wrinkles disappear or making “botox in a bottle”), and 2. all the ingredients they use are clinically, scientifically proven to do what they say.

Anyway, I liked a few of the samples (cleansers and non-spf moisturizers for night time) but had a severe allergic reaction to one, which made me wish I had spot-tested them instead of used them on my face. For an entire week, I looked like a walking hive, and then tested it on my inner elbow and had hives for another week there. I eventually called them to talk to an “expert”, who after speaking to me about my concerns and skin type, sent me a huge number of new samples (25 — 5 each of 5 products) to try, and introducing me to two I hadn’t considered (BHA, a chemical exfoliant, and retinol). And long story short: after spot-testing EVERY SINGLE ONE, I started using them and DUDE my skin looks AWESOME. It’s smoother than it ever has been and I am actually really, really pleased. SO. If you are considering revamping your skincare or you’re like, “gah, I guess I’m old enough now that I should give a crap”, check them out.

Katie is obsessed with wearing dresses right now.

Max has this totally adorable way of being pissed off.
Max: I want chocolate milk.
Me: No, you can have white milk.
Max: [crosses arms, sticks bottom lip out, turns his back to me] Fine. I’m not going to Jonathan’s birthday party, then. Hmph.
Me: [stifles laughter]
The best part is that he has this look on his face of utter disdain for you and all that you stand for, and turns his back on you as if you are merely a peasant who should be removed from his countenance.

The kids are both doing tae kwon do now and are really enjoying it! They both have on/off days but in general, I’m super happy to see them so engaged in something, and I hope that their excitement for it continues. Right now our schedule is a bit packed, with swimming once a week, tkd twice a week, and gymnastics once a week, so I’d love to stop doing gymnastics (mainly because it’s an inconvenience, and not for any real reason other than at times Katie is very difficult about actually participating) but in general I think they’re cool with the amount of outside-school activities we do.

justin at cafe du nord

Monday, June 14th, 2010

Justin Currie is touring in support of his newest album, “The Great War”, and hit up San Francisco at Cafe du Nord last night. Caroline and I had made dinner reservations to ensure that we had a place to sit and food for our duel fetuses, and we decided to make it a “sisters-only” event in the spirit of all great Del Amitri/Justin shows. :)

I had the following SMS exchange throughout the day:
(texts of doooooom)

At the venue, they literally sat us in the lap of the performers — we were the first table right in the middle, so we had amazing seats. People who knew me from other shows or the site kept stopping by to say hi, which was neat, and we got to sit next to a couple of people who we’ve seen shows with before, which was fun. Also, the food was really good; I have never seen so much bacon on a BLT (I actually donated some to Caroline’s burger, there was so much). BACON!

The opener, Jaymes Reunion, hales from Dublin (California, so they were “at home”), and we had some good banter with them (whoever seated us up there had no clue that I am physically unable to not talk to people on stage, bwahaha). They’re probably one of the best openers I’ve seen for a Del-related band (although Josh Clayton-Felt will remain my personal opener high-point). [Funny side note: when they were playing, the food came out for all the tables in the front, and Cameron commented on how good it smelled — so I made a comment along the lines of “Hey, you should sit down and eat, since you’ve been doing all the work thusfar, and make Braydon do the show.” I was trying to reference the fact that Braydon hadn’t been at the previous three shows but it sounded at first like what I was saying was that he’d just been sitting around during the actual show itself. Afterward, I apologized for the initial inference, and then Cam said it made Braydon really “shred” on his solos. I said, “Yeah, he was probably thinking, ‘Check out THIS solo, bitch!'” Apparently that was very funny and they were laughing about it still after the show itself. :)]

For Justin’s set, there were a number of equipment issues (mainly pedal/monitor/PA related) throughout the night, at one point I told Justin and Peter it was the Lack Of Evidence Curse. Bwahaha. Also, Sprout was having a field day during the show, kicking me constantly. In-utero rave!

(set list/small asides)

After the show you could tell that Justin was trying to get stuff together to leave as fast as possible — he was so rushed that I was pretty sure there was a good possibility that we wouldn’t get to talk to him at all. He had to break down the stage and people were constantly trying to interrupt to talk to him, so Caroline and I just sat down and talked to each other and some of the other fans. Then he came out to give us hugs and we groused a little about how bad the venue had been (apparently like “playing in a cabinet”); he congratulated us on our bellies, and he mentioned that he was pleased that so many people on this tour really seemed to know the new songs, especially compared to the previous tour. (We’d noticed that ourselves — each time he played a song from the record a distinct section of audience would cheer.) We also talked about how much fun Craig Ferguson will be and he asked me if a lot of people watch that show (I said yes — don’t make a liar out of me, people!).

After talking to him and then sending him off to bed, we said hi to Peter and congratulated him on his own new album (at first he thought I was talking about Justin’s album), then we spent a while talking to the Jaymes Reunion guys (Cameron and Braydon). Anyway, the show was great, talking to Justin (although brief) was awesome as normal. Woot woot!

Justin and Peter!

Sunday, June 13th, 2010

Justin and Peter!

Originally uploaded by alibee09

second verse, not same as the first!

Friday, April 16th, 2010

From CNN! Little-known 2nd verses of famous songs:

(text of article, many songs!)

tragic news, and a call to action

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

I found out today that a friend of mine’s 5-year-old son passed away suddenly, two weeks ago, from epilepsy.

I met Mike Gomoll (Joey’s dad) via our mutual friendship with the band Del Amitri. He and his wife adopted their three children from Mexico and were amazing, devoted parents. Many of the artists that Mike is friends with are donating tracks to create a benefit CD called “Joey’s Song”, the proceeds of which will go to the Epilepsy Foundation. So far, they have commitments for songs from:

Del Amitri (previously unreleased tracks)
Justin Currie
Kris Dollimore
Lowen & Navarro
Five For Fighting
Matthew Ryan
Eileen Rose
The Yell Leaders
The Woodlridge Brothers
The LeeDing Zero’s

If you like music or want to help or get further information, please check out their Facebook page.

are we really doing this again?

Friday, January 29th, 2010

Some guy started a fake Justin Currie account on FB to try to drum up fan support: good.
He wrote, “On top of this every person who joins this page is expected to get at least 5 people they know to buy Justins [sic] new record.”
I commented that such an argumentative post was surely not a good way to start out the fan page. I mean, don’t we want to be as positive as possible around new fans?
His response: “Theres no point beating around the bush Alison. Thats the whole point of this facebook page. Thanks for you support, I know you have been doing it for years as it stands. Cheers”
I said, “Meh, my point is honey >> vinegar”, and he responds: “You dont have a point. Nobody ever goes to anymore. This is time for the new breed to make it happen. The same with OV – Nothing ever happens there. Ever. Why be like this? You were the same when the dels uk site launched. Just support the theory behind it without having cheap shots at a nothing comment. ”

Oh, hai, Kevin all over again.

I love that somehow people think I’m competing with them for some sort of ultimate Del Amitri fan status. YES, THAT’S REALLY WHAT I CARE ABOUT. Not the fact that you make an artist look like a huge asshole by falsely representing him on Facebook and then being a complete dick.

(a screenshot of the lolz)

yet another list of stuff

Wednesday, December 16th, 2009

1. re:”Princep’s Fury” by Jim Butcher: The less Vord in a book, the better, IMO.
2. I’m interested in seeing how K does on a plane this holiday season. Her last flight was when she was ~8 months old, now she’s an old lady of 14.5 months. OLD LADY I SAY!
3. Speaking of which, an ex-coworker gave me their GoGo Babyz Kidz Travel Mate Stroller Attachment, which I must experiment with to see if it works with our Britax (it says it does). If so, score, one less thing to pack (the stroller)!
4. Patti was right, Regina Spektor is really good and I should have listened to her and listened to one of these albums earlier. However, I am a dope and I am not always in the mood for new music. I’m listening to “Far” and wow, it’s REALLY good.
5. K is hilarious. B is teaching her “Daddy” so this morning I hear her in her room: “Dah-dee? Dah-dee! DAH-DEE!” So I called Brandon and told him that she was calling for her. I guess it’s good that she doesn’t know a name for me (that’s not to say that she doesn’t have a dozen ways of letting me know she wants ME, heh heh).

my favorite hanukkah song

Monday, December 14th, 2009

Hanukkah Homeboy | Movies & TV |

almost wholly inappropriate

Wednesday, November 4th, 2009

Last night at Mom’s Gone Wild (a dinner event for the mom’s from my mommy group, which occurs once a month, when we saddle our partners with the kids and tromp off for conversation and food/bev) I made up words to NIN’s “Closer”, to be sung along with the “Rock-A-Bye Baby” version:

I want to rock you like a babybean!
I want to feed you from the boo-bee!
I want to rock you like a babybean!
Put a cloth dipe on your bum,
Lay you to sleep with a hum!

Also, for posterity, the version of “Cherry Pie” we sing to Katie:

She’s my punkin pie!
So dang cute brings a tear to Daddy’s eye!
All the other babies think she’s supa fly!
Sweet punkin pie!

if you listen to a-ha

Friday, October 23rd, 2009

I was listening to Magne F’s A Dot Of Blue In The Black Of Your Bliss today and found the following samples/inspirations for tracks on The Foot Of The Mountain

“Come Back” – > “The Bandstand”
“The Longest Night” -> “The Foot Of The Mountain” (that’s fairly obvious)
“Running Out Of Reasons” -> “Riding The Crest”

Any other songs that you can think of in the A-Ha catalog that are direct descendants of a splinter group?

Savoy’s “Velvet” -> “Velvet”

they might be giants

Thursday, August 27th, 2009

I’m listening to previews of “No!” and I just realized that track 6 is an OLD 60s advertisement! (“In the Middle, In the Middle, In the Middle”)

Heh heh, I remember that song from when I was a kid (I used to be obsessed with old commercials).

This is the TMBG version (which is almost exactly the same as the NY PSA):

ear worms

Thursday, February 19th, 2009

“I Can’t Decide” by the Scissor Sisters has been lodged in my brain today.

Katie seems to be doing better today. I was going to do the alternating Tylenol/Motrin trick with her last night, but our ped says they aren’t comfortable with infants under 6mo getting ibuprofen, so we stuck with a hardcore 4-hour Tylenol schedule, including putting drugs in her when she woke up in the middle of the night. The nurse also mentioned possibly giving her cool water to cool her down, to which I responded, “ABSOLUTELY not.” Yes, I would bathe her in cool water; no, I would not give my 4.5 month old child any water to drink.

Instead, I put some cooled breast milk into a bottle and, while trying to give it to her, proceeded to drop the bottle into her face while I was moving — meaning that it hit her with some force. We looked at each other for a shocked second, and then she proceeded to HOWL at me (rightfully so). I apologized repeatedly, hugged her little swaddled body, and told her it was an accident and that I knew it hurt until she relaxed.

Man, it sucks to accidentally bop your kiddo.

this song makes no sense

Tuesday, December 23rd, 2008

For some reason, the following song collaboration keeps running through my head:

Who needs sleep? Well, you’re never gonna get it. Who needs sleep? Tell me what that’s for. Who needs sleep? Be happy with what you get, there’s a guy who’s been awake since the second World War… pissing the night away, pissing the night away. I get knocked down! But I get up again! You ain’t never gonna get me down! I get knocked down! But I get up again! You ain’t never gonna get me down!

It totally works.

well, this killed me right dead

Friday, August 15th, 2008

A band does a Justin Currie tribute song based on the Uncle Devil Show’s “Gilbert O’Sullivan”. The best part, imo, is the random Currie song references (but the original tune is much better, imo).

“If I had to choose one to strip in front of me, I choose… Justin O’Currie”

why do i like this song?!

Thursday, June 19th, 2008

(aka: New Zealanders are a strange bunch.)

This was the first song of theirs I liked, back in high school:

“If they wanna talk about art, you know, we’ll teach ’em how to draw some blood YEAH.” Yes, you guys are tough and HARD :P


Thursday, June 5th, 2008

I was listening to “How Long’s a Tear Take To Dry” (by The Beautiful South) today on the drive in (thank you shuffle, I love that song) and the lyric “this heart was like a tardis, I went and lost the key in a fight” came on and this was the first time I’d heard it since seeing an episode of Dr. Who, so I actually understood what the hell he was talking about this time.

Damn Brits. :P

crazy weekend++

Monday, April 21st, 2008

The past few days have been a whirlwind.

Thursday: Caroline, or Change. Afterward, I found out that Tapioca Express is open until 11:30pm on most weeknights. While that is awesome in many ways, it’s a teeeeeeny bit far to drive on a whim. I’m currently trying to find a good milk tea joint a little more north. My normal desire for boba is high, but my pregnant desire for boba is almost constant. I seriously could use an IV drip of the stuff (if the pearls would fit into my veins w/o killing me outright).

Friday: Dinner in San Francisco with Sari, her parents, and my parents. Hunan Home’s is a really awesome Chinese restaurant on Jackson St., and apparently my morning sickness has gotten to the point that I can almost eat an entire meal! Granted, it’s half the size of how much I used to eat, but progress is being made. We talked about babies and being pregnant a lot, but it wasn’t the only topic of conversation, which was a relief (as much as I like being the center of attention, it never feels fair to talk about being PG the entire meal when you’re the only one who is enjoying the wonders of it :) It was awesome talking to my parents and Sari’s parents about it, though. I’m also stoked that Sari is moving back to CA next month. :D

Saturday: Seder at the Dina’s parent’s. Having Rachel there was great, and it was fun hearing Dina’s family reminisce about how they used to react to my piercings and hair dye; it’s almost like having another set of parents comment on what I was like growing up. Also, the seder went SUPER fast (and as usual, charoset + maror + matzo = Alison’s favorite dish). Brandon was happy that it wasn’t vegetarian (like the first seder I took him to).

Sunday: We went for a long walk with ye olde pups, then our neighbor across the street had us over for dinner. She made a really nice chicken dish with an awesome salad that helped my avocado cravings, but I could only eat about half of it, which made her worry that I didn’t like it. I’m pretty sure that at some point soon I’ll start packing on the pounds, but since I’ve only gained a few so far, people seem shocked at how big mah belleh is. :D

Today: Justin Currie at Cafe du Nord, woo!!!

Tomorrow: Pup play date!

april’s fools

Tuesday, April 1st, 2008

The only good thing about this April Fool’s is all the RickRolling going on. Otherwise, this “holiday” bites ass.

Speaking of which, here’s an interview with Rick about RickRolling from the LA Times. I tweeted it last week but I figured it deserves a wider audience.

Rick Astley was my first truly favorite musician. I own all of his albums. It’s true!

upcoming shows

Friday, March 28th, 2008

04/21: Justin at Cafe du Nord (tix purchased)
05/02: Duran Duran at Sleep Train Pavillion (probably not)
05/05: Liam Finn at Bottom of the Hill (pondering)
05/14,05/15: Crowded House at the Fillmore (presale this weekend)