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Tuesday, June 25th, 2013

I had to be at work at 7am this morning. When I know I need to be somewhere early, I tend to sleep lightly.

At around 2, Ash got on the bed with me and was poking me. He is the kind of pup who likes to “tattle”, but in the middle of the night, I mistook this for him wanting under the covers, and ushered him there. Then I heard a noise… that I thought was Nicky at the foot of the bed on the floor, except whatever this was was moving around way too much. I finally got up and found Katie on the floor, trying to pull the duvet that was hanging off the foot of the bed over herself as a cover. (This morning she confessed that she’s done this more than once.) I decided she could sleep with us instead, and got her into bed next to me and asleep.

Then I had a dream inspired by Doctor Who, where my husband, parents, kids, and I were all being held hostage by essentially Daleks. In the dream I realized that overheating them would cause them to short, so I closed all the windows and turned off all the fans and then was acting ridiculously in order to distract them until they powered down, when I suddenly felt a breeze, and went downstairs to find that my mom had opened everything and turned on the fans because she was “too hot”. At which point, my dream turned into a “I’m divorcing all of you” dream, where I spent the dream packing Katie and Max in my van and taking stuff out of the garage for them to bring with us while Katie cried. (Stuff in my dream that I took included the trail-a-bike, a mountain bike, my bike, etc.)

I woke because Max was crying in his room, “I don’t want to wear that on my head! Aw, man!” Because when Max is slightly perturbed (irl) right now, he does the “Aw, man!” Sniper thing from Dora. Which we never watch.

I don’t even know.

even in my dreams they grow up too fast

Friday, June 24th, 2011

I dreamed that Katie came into the room and kissed me goodbye, and I then heard the front door slam. So I jumped out of bed to follow her and found her diaper and pjs on the floor, and when I got to the front door and looked out she was fully dressed and on her bike, affixing her helmet and wearing a backpack. I had to chase her down the driveway before she got to the busy street we live on, because apparently she was going to school. (IRL and in my dream we live almost directly across the street of the school she’ll be attending K-8.) So, we walked over together and started talking to people there, but in my head I was still boggling that she got up and ready without me.

my pre-work nightmare

Wednesday, January 14th, 2009

Last night I dreamed that I went to pick Katie up from daycare and our provider was feeding her crackers, and that she had somehow sprouted a bunch of teeth in the front, even though she was still only three months old (although she was a very mature-looking three months). When I told the provider that I was not okay with it, she wouldn’t STOP feeding Katie, so in my dream i was making us find a new provider while, at the same time, freaking out that somehow she wouldn’t want to stop solids and take breastmilk anymore.

Then, in real life, Katie cried for food at 4 am. She obviously knew I was having a bad dream and wanted me to wake up. I was SO thankful for her little mewls, and even more happy to lay her in bed next to me for the two hours I had before I needed to get up and ready. Obviously my subconscious is somehow equating daycare/work/pumping with her no longer needing me, bah.

Brandon took her to daycare for me this morning and I teared up when they were leaving. I managed not to cry but I certainly felt like crying. Work is going well today, though. It feels really nice that so many people missed me (or at least claimed to, hee hee).

SPD and baby dreams

Saturday, July 26th, 2008

After a day of SPD (symphysis pubis dysfunction) I’ve decided to explain how it feels: like humping an axe. Or, as if you were riding a guy’s bike and then suddenly braked really hard and hit the bar right in the pubic bone. It’s awesome.

I dreamed last night that my stomach was more like a kangaroo pouch, and I could unbutton it and look at the baby and all the padding (which looked like blankets) in there. While the baby was connected to me via the umbilical cord, she could breathe (because her lungs weren’t fully cooked) and talk. At one point, I somehow got far enough away from her that she started saying, “Mommy! Mommy!” until I came back. My mom was amused when I asked her if she’d heard it or if it was my imagination (she’d heard it as well). Then I thought about how I definitely would have to post about it to my blog. :)

baby dream the second

Friday, July 11th, 2008

I had my second dream about the baby as a separate physical entity; she had been born early and for some reason, my mom was taking care of her and then gave her to me (and it was happening in “real time”, meaning that she had been born before 26w and was being given to me at when she would have been 26w). I was trying to figure out how my mom had been feeding her (obviously it was formula) and she needed a diaper change, so I threw her into a Kissaluvs 0 as her first cloth dipe and tried to b-feed — and it worked, to my shock. She was super bouncy and alert and was more like a 4-5 mo old than a wee newborn.

Hee hee, baby. :D


no gender dreams for me

Monday, April 14th, 2008

Since Ava had a dream about her baby correctly guessing his sex, I’ve been gently prodding my mind to have some dreams of its own. However, my mind thinks it is fun to screw around with me:

I dreamed that Google was giving anatomy scan ultrasounds as a side-business. (Srsly, not that far out.) However, I somehow added in the Scrubs episode where the lab results are all getting mixed up, so in the dream Google was doing the same thing — giving erroneous results to parents, or telling parents who didn’t want to know the sex of the baby. In fact, in the dream, Josh and Sarah Bakshi (some friends from BBYO) didn’t want to know the sex of their baby and were told it.

So, in conclusion, my mind? A big jokester.

a day with a pirate

Saturday, March 22nd, 2008

I was up very late last night helping with a work release. Apparently this is “good karma”, which I find silly, but since I’m one of the lucky few who hasn’t been first-tier on response for a long time, I figured I could help out.

However, enter: freakish and unnerving dreams about coworkers. Yow, subconscious.

Then, this morning I went into Twin Peaks and picked up Susannah (userinfoohsochewy) for a fun day around the area, including the Palace of Fine Arts (which is being retrofitted, which put a huge cramp in her “dance around like Mike Meyers” plans), and the Marin Headlands. I could not stop exclaiming how amazing the weather was, because it was, in fact, amazing. I didn’t need a jacket at any point (which is pretty big when you’re a weather wuss like myself).

We had lunch at the Cheesecake Factory in Corte Madera (we headed north since her aunt was eventually picking her up in Larkspur) and did a little shopping. Hanging out with my Madison friends makes me realize that I really need to load a bunch of them in the back of a van and drive them, through the dead of night (and at very high speeds so this only happens over the course of one evening), out to California. Do you hear me, people?! PACK A BAG.

Purchased: three cute shirts, a cute sweater, and a skirt. SKIRT!

good day!

Wednesday, February 27th, 2008

I feel AWESOME today. Woot! So I’m listening to Luscious Jackson, which makes me think of summer and makes me bouncy.

I got 100% on the vocals for Blitzkrieg Bop on Hard last night. Go me. However: singing songs I’ve never heard before is !fun.

I dreamed last night that someone stole violins from my sister and I, and I had to figure out a way to find them in the thief’s house while he was distracted giving lessons. The guy who stole them did so because he hated typical classical music and thought people should play Indian-style music on violins instead. It was pretty, granted, but not a reason to steal someone’s violin… bastard! :D

tattoo dream

Saturday, February 2nd, 2008

I dreamed that I had a tattoo under my chin — phonetic Hebrew that then had a meaning translated. It had something to do with dying/death (something both funny and touching) and I remember wondering how it was that no one noticed it during my wedding. Then I looked in the mirror and could hardly see it myself when I was looking at me straight on, and I was impressed with Brian’s skillz (my tattoo dude in Madison) in hiding it. (I did see some imperfections about it, though, which bugged me.)

Uh, yeah.

it’s official

Friday, November 16th, 2007

I’m now officially the advisor of El Al BBG #1863. Yay! I met the N’siah and S’ganit last night and they were fab. Sadly, I remember almost every cheer I ever did in BBYO. I have my first event with them this weekend.

In other news, next week is Thanksgiving and then our Thanksgiving ride, woot!

In other other news, I dreamed last night about being completely covered in tarantulas. Ew.

i was tearing out the pages of my diary

Tuesday, June 12th, 2007

I feel like coming in to work today is the equivalent of prairie-dogging, checking who is around and sort of feeling myself out.

I dreamed last night that Nicky and Ash were playing with a skunk in the back yard and that the skunk liked them and didn’t spray them. UH.

Also, yay for Hell’s Kitchen!

wormy lady

Sunday, May 27th, 2007

(10:22:34) alibee: um, lemme see if i can describe it.
(10:22:45) alibee: i was more watching it then in it.
(10:22:55) alibee: it was almost like an episode of law and order or csi or something.
(10:23:18) alibee: and we were trying to protect this little kid with awesome powers at the same time that a group of bad people were trying to get at him.
(10:23:41) alibee: the main chick had powers too, but nothing compared to the kid we were trying to protect.
(10:24:25) alibee: so the main chick kept returning to the base to get fixed up after fighting.
(10:24:57) alibee: at this point we found out that the main chick, either unbeknownst to her or not (we didn’t get that far), was actually replaced with a giant… uh… alien worm looking thing, and i woke up going “ewww” before i knew if it was a bad thing or not.
(10:25:17) alibee: they would like, turn her off, then she’d turn into the worm, then they’d kill that one and replace it with a new one and then give it the same look she had had.

This is my second dream I’ve remembered that’s insect-related. In the actual dream they were in an airport-like facility trying to get out. There was a part where the bad people actually shot the main chick in an airport bathroom while she allowed the other two to escape, but it didn’t even really hurt her.

Yeah, huh?

disgusting bug dream

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2007

(11:49:50 AM) alibee: i had a dream last night that some guy touched my ass and i was pissed and punched him in the throat.
(11:50:10 AM) alibee: then i dreamt that i had contracted some terrible, deathly disease and the dream was trying to get to the hospital.
(11:51:00 AM) alibee: and it was a hospital in a mall, but it was … like, on floors above the mall and was a real hospital. the my disease involved bugs all inside me, taking over my body. (REVOLTING might i add…)

I contracted the bug dream via a present we gave a little kid. He took the present apart and then these pillbug-like things started breaking down into smaller and smaller bugs that then infested me. I remember that I kept spitting out gobs of them. Getting to the hospital was horribly hard… first we took an elevator and then had to walk, and I remembered being to this hospital before. Then there was some magnetic car “ride” outside the place (our car has going across a place with no floor, flying there via … magnets is what my brain settled on when I saw it, and then started doing loops over the seated waiting area) where I had to check in where B was having a hard time setting the car down.

Featured guests: B, Caroline, Elyssa, bugs.

little dogs oh my!

Sunday, May 6th, 2007

Last night I dreamed that I had two little dogs that I got via… them following me. Then I dreamed something about going over to Caroline and Josh’s house to sleep and Josh waking up and being very, very pissed off that I was in their house without calling them first because they were so tired and needed their privacy. Then I dreamed that Brandon and I were trying to navigate a river in a mythical land in the past that happened to have phones and you could make hotel reservations.

The little dogs stuck it out through all the dreams. I fed them a couple of times and they were cute and wiggly.

weird-ass dream

Friday, October 13th, 2006

I have NO idea where this came from, but certain people out there will be amused.

In my dream, Jenna and I were hanging out in her apartment when she got a call and was talking to a person, but trying to be sly about it and hide it from me. Finally, she tells me she has to leave because Marc Sasson is coming over. I get very, very angry that she never told me that she was friends with him still, and that she was keeping it a secret (she was acting extremely suspicious), and get into a gigantic crying argument with her about it. I drive home and run downstairs and she and Marc follow me (but are far enough behind that they’re just guessing that I went home), so I turn off my cell phone ringer and hide. My thinking at this point was that if she calls me from outside, and my cell phone doesn’t ring, she might think I’m not home yet (because she can’t look in the garage to see if my car is there, thanks to the automatic door). However, as I’m thinking this, she climbs in the window.

Yeah, huh?

pain, pain, go away

Wednesday, July 12th, 2006

I hate it when they hit me in the middle of the night and wake me up. I hate them more when two forms of Imitrex just make me barely able to open my eyes.

Grrr! However, I am at work like a good little minion.

In other news, after giving myself a shot (I took a pill first), I fell back asleep and dreamt that Molly was making me drive her car, that had no gas, to the gas station, and I was loopy (from the meds, actually) so in the dream I kept telling her that I couldn’t drive because I was too drunk. And then I felt weird about telling her I was drunk, and I was still driving the car, anyway. What?

I also dreamt that I had a knife sticking out of my shoulder, but that was before I had the headache and I really have no frickin’ clue what it was supposed to represent (or if it even was supposed to be anything at all).

random dreamry

Friday, July 7th, 2006

I dreamt about Carlene Carter last night.


[ETA 10:52am] I also dreamt that my Reynauds made my fingers turn black from a seizure.

things of note

Wednesday, November 30th, 2005
  1. I dreamt about people trying to reserve hotel rooms last night. That’s pretty pitiful.
  2. I also dreamt about getting a bikini wax. That’s even more pitiful.
  3. The nose is starting to feel less funny. Yay!
  4. B is teh awesome.


Tuesday, September 20th, 2005

I dreamt last night about the many, many lonely people in the world. I had become friends with a few of them in the “big sister” fashion; it was almost like we were “adopting” these people to help them feel less lonely. It was heart-wrenching to see so much pain.


Wednesday, July 27th, 2005

I dreamt about my toothsistah userinfoseien last night. We were dealing with fishes in gallon ziplock bags in my parents’s master bathroom, and there was this blowy-up one that I thought was a seahorse but it turned out to be a toy for a tank. Then I thought I lost all her fish in my bag but my dream-self was saved when I realized that the full bag I had been holding was down on the floor and I was holding a different, empty one.

It is slowly occurring to me that this is incredibly boring.

Anyway, she started freaking out and then was calmed and THEN one of her fish started doing weird stuff to the water and the bag she was holding started filling up with things that looked like guppy filets and she said that this fish was doing that because it couldn’t eat the algae in the water so it turned it into meat and THEN ate it.

What the hell!