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katie is six

Tuesday, November 4th, 2014

I somehow totally left this in drafts instead of posting it. :( Sorry, K-bug! So, here it is, a month late!

Katie. Girlfriend is something else. She is now in Kindergarten and constantly amazing me with her intelligence and her maturity/stubbornness/emotional behavior, in turn. She can ride a two-wheel bike! (I have no idea if I blogged this but she picked up that skill early in the summer.)
– Katie is not the kid who is going to ever cling to us when going into a new situation. She’s already declared me “embarrassing” on many occasions, belying her years. (If she only knew what was coming…) She’s finally letting us kiss her on the face (for a really long time we were only allowed to kiss the top of her head) but she will really only cuddle when she is sleepy or doesn’t feel well.
– She loves to lead, to help other kids follow the rules, and to be first.
– If you don’t know better, she will play dumb and pull one over on you HARD in terms of following rules. For example: her teacher thought she really didn’t understand that “only teachers print from the computers, not children” … until I clarified for her that no, Katie understood EXACTLY what she was doing, because she is very computer literate. So, she’s generally manipulative, and intelligent enough to get away with it.
– Katie is her mother’s daughter: sassy, opinionated, stubborn, and easily distracted. She has a very hard time focusing in most of her classes unless we do excessive prep in advance. She also loves to sing (but certainly not to listen to ME sing) and I think she can’t wait to read, considering how much she tries when given the opportunity.
– TV/movies/screen are her weakness. She behaves worse when a screen is on in her presence because getting her attention is nigh impossible.
– She is TALL. She’s the height of a 7yo!
– She is an accomplished liar.
– She’s boy crazy, already. She doesn’t really care about whether or not they want to be her boyfriend, she will declare who she is going to marry (it seems to go between Jonathan, Griffin, and Knut, a boy in her class). And of course, she and Max are going to marry each other.
– She steals our change and puts it in her piggy bank. (We are on to you, missy!)

The Yearly Quiz!
What’s your name? Katie Sonderegger Marie Katherin Rhodes Bellach Awesome Bug Punkin Moon Wakeup Milkies From When I Was A Baby. [laugh]
What’s your favorite color? Y-e-l-l-o-w and r-e-d.
Who are your best friends? Jonathan and Max. Lyla, Mia, Audrey Frankenstein [Einstein] — she’s Eleanor’s sister. [Anybody else?] Riley, Sophie, Tyler, M-o-m-m-y, D-a-d-d-y, Auntie Ava, Uncle Shane, Uncle Josh, and Auntie Caroline.
What is your favorite book? Bob books.
What is your favorite song? Let It Go! [Anything else?] Wreck It Ralph!
What is your favorite movie? Frozen. Wreck It Ralph. The Falling Chance of Meatballs.
What is your favorite TV show? Curious George.
What is your favorite animal? Um, bunny. A bunny rabbit.
What’s your favorite food? Ice cream!
What’s your yuckiest food? Poop.
What’s your favorite restaurant? The Spaghetti Factory.
What’s your favorite store? Toys R Us.
What’s your favorite game? Mermaid Mansion. [Mermaid Island.] The mansion part is a kind of mermaid club.
Do you have a favorite clothing item, and PJs? My new batgirl halloween costume. [The one from last year?] BATgirl. [You don’t have that yet.] When it comes! [We never even ordered one!] Well, I wanted one! [What are the favorite clothes that you have actually have?] Spidergirl!
What is your favorite word? Y-e-l-l-o-w. Wait, I don’t want that word, I want a different word. My favorite word is zing! Mermaid mansion!
What makes you mad? When Daddy yells at me.
What’s your favorite toy? Mermaid Mansion. Actually, the bubbles.
What do you want to do when you grow up? I want to be, um, hm. Let’s see. Hm. A veterinarian, I think. [Why?] Because, I’m not quite sure what I want to be when I grow up just quite yet, because I think I know what I want to be, I think I am going to know what I want to be when I grow up.
What’s your favorite sport? Let’s see. Ice skating. [Have you ever actually ice skated?] No, and also my favorite sport is hockey, baseball also. Soccer.
What’s your favorite thing at school? Me time. [What’s me time?] When you get to cool down. [Like a rest?] When you get to cool down from the hot day and you get to take a moment for yourself.
If you could go on an airplane anywhere, where would you go? To Hawaii! I mean to the place where you can see the Statue of Liberty.
What are 3 words that describe you? Pretty, beautiful, smart, funny, cute. [Is that three?] And nipple.
When you were little, you used to: Poop in my diapers. [Anything else?] Suck on my thumb and drink from your nipples. I meant boobs. I meant nipples. Erase the boob. [Thank you, honey!] I’m not done! So, I also used to play with play dough, wear a really cute birthday hat while I was playing with the play dough, and that’s all I can really remember.

three teeth gone

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014

Katie went to her pediatric dentist on Monday with Brandon and she took x-rays to see where the permanent teeth were in relation to the ones that were knocked awry. One was right behind the one that was knocked out, and near the one next to it, so hopefully it wasn’t negatively impacted. They ended up giving her nitrous and then a couple of novocaine shots and then pulling them, so she has a huge hole in her mouth now. The funniest part, to me, is that she realizes that her vampire tooth is showing on one side, so she asked me to pull the other tooth that was there so she was a true vampire. Hee.

I’m glad that she is such a trooper. I really wanted to cuddle the heck out of her to comfort her (read: me) and we did have one great day of snuggles, but this is the kiddo who doesn’t generally like being held (after she’s done crying, or when she’s not trying to pull something over on her bro). So, seeing her return to a state of normality is good.

And, she had two visits from the tooth fairy in as many days! Woo!

New trick!

Monday, October 20th, 2014

New trick!

well, that was awful

Saturday, October 18th, 2014

Katie teethed pretty late — so did Max. I was under the impression that she would hit most teething milestones late as a result, so it was surprising when she started losing teeth a bit on the early side; she’d lost all four of the front bottom teeth by 6. However, she had no loose teeth, so we didn’t think we’d be seeing the tooth fairy for a while around here.

Today was Riley and Tyler’s birthday party at Pump It Up. I was working with Max when I saw Katie come down off the big slide crying. As I made my way over to her, I saw her face contorted, and then I realized she was bleeding, and then Brandon was there and he picked her up and her teeth were bloody and there was like, a hole, and then Brandon picked her up and handed me something and I was like, what the hell is this? A tooth in my hand?

The guy who worked there (Sean) was trying to explain to me what happened but Katie was HOWLING so we went out to the front and Max handily disappeared and this woman was asking me if she was okay but I was only noticing that I was holding a tooth and that Brandon had my bleeding, screaming child in his lap. He told me that the incisor on the left (well, her left) of the hole was super loose and most likely would fall out, and the other front tooth was loose as well, but not as much.

After asking a third time, I finally found out what happened — a boy ran full-tilt up the slide while Katie was coming down, and since she was wearing socks per their rules, she couldn’t slow down, and he slammed his face into her mouth and knocked her tooth out. I called our dentist, put a call into the emergency dentist covering, and he called me back. As I expected, the dentist said that since they were all baby teeth, there was no need to attempt to save any of them; the one that was out was out, and there was a likelihood that the sockets could firm up around the loose ones (although with the way that Katie was worrying the incisor, I think that one is going to fall out).

I held Katie while Brandon went to go get some meds, and the PIU people took a report and also brought her some ice cream. Her teeth… her gums. Just awful, awful. I sent the dentist some pics of the tooth and her gums to ensure that everything was okay and he said that I needed to call our normal dentist on Monday but that otherwise he thinks things are okay. The mom of the kid looked like she was crying (and it turns out she was), she was very attentive and making sure that things were okay and I spent some time talking to her about how it was just an accident, that Katie was going to be okay, and I joked around with her son a bit, teasing him about how he must have a skull made of Adamantium because he only had one small cut and bump. I could tell she was grateful and I felt that it made up for the daze I had been in up to that point.

Kid accidents are awful. Katie is being very sweet and wonderful about it (she is making very funny comments about how she thinks she sounds funny now) but in my head I see her face when it happens and how much she was hurting and it makes me cry. I feel badly that it happened at my niece and nephew’s birthday party, too.

The tooth fairy is gonna drop a $20 on that baby, fo’ sho’.

(Max eventually came out crying when B was still getting meds because a kid kicked him in the head and I had two bawling babies in my lap and it was very sad. But, otherwise, he was excellent and made space for his sister when she really needed attention. He’s a good kiddo.)

The Queen, King, and background Jester

Sunday, October 12th, 2014

The Queen, King, and background Jester

Jonathan’s birthday!

Sunday, October 12th, 2014

Jonathan's birthday!

Playdate shenanigans!

Sunday, October 12th, 2014

Playdate shenanigans!

master building!

Saturday, October 11th, 2014

Master building!

age does not make it easier

Friday, September 5th, 2014

Katie had two cavities in her baby molars that we had to get filled on Tuesday. Somehow, I was under the impression that the fact that she could have both novocaine and well as laughing gas would make the entire experience better… less awful… something more akin to the experience that I have when I go to the dentist.

I WAS ABSOLUTELY WRONG. Oh gods, was I wrong.

Katie started out being so excited about going to the dentist that she ran to the chair. We got some glasses on her, and then the dentist starting numbing her gums with a gel so she could inject the novocaine, at which point wigglebean made it clear that she needed some… relaxation. We showed her the nitrous mask, told her that it would be like flying, and then while she breathed it and calmed down, I told her a little story about a dream of a cupcake, at which point she said she was flying for real.

Mission accomplished! Or so we thought.

We started giving Katie the novocaine shot, and the minute that she tasted it, she bolted upright and declared a need to spit. Nothing would dissuade her from spitting in the sink as opposed to using that little suction vacuum straw thing. And then it devolved, when they put the “raincoat” on her tooth, because the clamping was painful enough that she started struggling. The first tooth had me laying on her body and holding her hands, Brandon holding her head in place, and us all trying to talk soothingly while she screamed her face off. She struggled seriously and kicked me in the chest, nearly ripped my shirt, and showed that her tae kwon do training is paying off. The minute we were done (and thank god we had decided to do amalgam as opposed to the stuff that needs curing), she bolted upright and sobbed into me. Katie is not a child who lets me hold her, so while a very small part of me was thrilled that she was coming to me for comfort (it’s good to know that I’m not entirely passe), overall I was just very sad that she was so upset.

Then, we started the bargaining phase. We had to do one more tooth, and Katie was not interested at all in being there any longer. We explained to her that if we didn’t do it now that we would have to come back later; I then told her that she could have double ice cream. What finally convinced her to attempt it was that I told her I would hold my phone above her face and let her watch a banned-in-our-house show: Bratz. (Other banned show: Veggie Tales.) However, she started struggling nearly instantaneously this time, so it just turned into a case of “get this shit over with”.

At the end, she cried into me more, and told me that she wanted to leave and that she hates the dentist. (Our poor dentist always looks like she’s on the losing end of everything at the end of these visits… I remember her face being the same when Max was finished with his filling.) We waited in the car while Brandon checked out/paid, and then we headed directly to ice cream, where Katie got a ridiculously large banana ice cream thing that she could only eat half of, while telling me about the status of her numb mouth.

Then, we took advantage of the fact that Katie is loving school and her after-school program a ridiculous amount and dropped her off at her after-school program. I told them to avoid allowing her to eat anything crunchy since she was still numb, and then I went home and did work until it was time to get her. I allowed her to skip tae kwon do and hang out with me, let her finish that horrid Bratz movie, and made her special dinner (she requested my special mac-n-cheese).

The interesting side-effect of the whole event is that she’s been much more communicative and close with me since the dentist visit. I’m sad that she had to go through it, though. :(

kindergarten: day 1

Monday, August 25th, 2014

My baby bean, my punkin, started kindergarten today.

That is the weirdest thing to write, and even stranger to conceptualize. I mean, I know that she’s nearly 6, but when she was a baby, that age seemed impossibly far away, and yet it has happened faster than I ever thought possible. I have a lot of anxiety associated with proper school, mostly because I remember so much of my experience in it — it wasn’t horrible, but as a be-speckled tall, skinny girl wearing braces, I had more than my share of ridicule, and I was sensitive to start with. Katie is like me only in that she’s sensitive and smart, so she may skate entirely around that experience… or she could be the instigator of it. I guess we’ll need to wait and see.

Today’s first day was mostly orientation. They had the incoming classes broken up by last name; the first went to the classrooms, then we met them all together in the multi-use building, then we, the second shift, retired to those same classrooms to get our version of the orientation. Katie’s new teachers seemed really great, and from their brief conversations with us all told Brandon that they’d probably put her in some sort of leadership role in the class to help her focus. It sounds like she already has a good handle on most of the academic things she’ll learn during the year, like counting to 100 and writing her name, which is good because it will give her the ability to focus her energies on developing the skills she’ll need inside the classroom (focus, etc).

Then, the van for her aftercare showed up. I helped her walk to the van (she really didn’t need it), then Brandon and I drove down to meet them there. SHE WAVED US AWAY. WE WERE SHOOED.

So I guess that’s that, then! The heartbreak!

Tomorrow is the real first day. Eep!

One of many photos of this day.

Monday, August 25th, 2014

One of many photos of this day.

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One dress, three years apart

Saturday, August 23rd, 2014

One dress, three years apart

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aging gracefully

Tuesday, August 19th, 2014

Brandon turns 40 this month. My hubby! Forty!

I remember when my parents turned 40 (5 years apart). In our old neighborhood, there was a kit that would go from person to person each year, and as they turned 40 they would add to it. It had all the requisite “middle age” stuff — adult diapers, vitamins, a cane, and as a kid I was a bit confused as to why my parents, who seemed pretty young to me, would need any of that stuff. I remember that for my dad’s 40th birthday, my mom threw him a huge surprise party luau. So, this age has been pretty iconic in my mind from the get-go… it’s nearly impossible to consider the fact that we’re approaching it. But, my acceptance doesn’t change it, I guess! :D

In the tradition of my mother, I was considering, and actually began to plan, throwing a surprise luau in our yard — it’s big enough and I doubt anyone would complain :) But, when Brandon got wind of my plans (I am terrible at secrets), he told me that if he had his druthers, he would much rather throw himself a party and spend the entire time cooking. This is awesome and yet problematic… awesome because it means that I don’t have to spend money on catering, but problematic because all of the money I would save on catering, Brandon would spend on assorted party stuff that he considered important. Oh, that, and the fact that he is a miserable, horrible person to be around in advance of any big event he is throwing because he turns into a stressjob. And, as predicted, all of these things came to pass! :)

I rented a huge bounce house for the kids, and then I splurged on a margarita machine (also rented). Brandon took the week in advance of the party to start cleaning the house, the yard, and buying supplies… enough alcohol to make sure we get through the next 3-5 years (this is probably an overstatement of how long it will take us to decide to drink this stuff, because of the children), a pop-up tent that works to cover the outdoor kitchen when it’s super sunny, a new table and some chairs, a bunch of new chair pads, etc., etc. He also took an opportunity to ride the fancy new custom Trek Domane that I “bought” him (he calls it his midlife crisis bike, and I just signed the check for it). He also got a ton of food and then even bought himself a cake (I don’t even know how to explain the fact that I overlooked that. I am seriously a bad person). I handled inviting the people:


So the day of the actual party, I took the kids to gymnastics and swimming (which I moved an hour earlier) while B dropped the pups off for a day of doggy daycare and an overnight (to help them avoid the stress of being locked up in the house while people were coming and going) and finished setting things up. When we returned, the bouncy house and margarita machine were already delivered, so I got to follow through on the punishment I had to unfortunately dole out earlier in the day (each kid had to wait 5 minutes before going in: Max because he was fake crying, and Katie because she was sass-talking to her mama). Then, the kids went crazy while we finished cleaning and putting things out.

Overall, the party was SUPER fun. We have an outdoor speaker that has a microphone, so a few of the kids spent some time singing to Frozen — most notably Riley, who has a karaoke machine at home and was VERY into her performance. Our friend Alex is an accomplished mixologist so he did a lot of the drinks that helped Brandon get pretty happy as the night went on. We ate ribs, hot dogs, hamburgers, and assorted other goodies, and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves; the kids either did bouncing, slip-n-slide, some sprinklers, water table, or hung out in the hot tub. (Some spent some time inside, but at one point I forced them all outside telling them that this was not a kid party so it wasn’t fair to make an adult stay inside with them when the adults wanted to be outside and together.) Lots of our favorite friends were there, including my family, some of Brandon’s coworkers, my friend Casey, Ava, Nina (Martha) and Carlos, Valerie and Blaise, Tharanga and Rajith, and our old neighbor Susanne. And, of course, Caroline brought Ruby, which brought everyone no end of joy because having an adorable little puppy around is always a nice thing. (Max in particular could not get enough of her and spent most of the time before she arrived asking about her, and then most of the time after she arrived either petting her asking me if I could help him hold her, or talking about her.)

Brandon, I think, had a good time. He was super cheery at the end and … possibly had a rough night and a rough recovery day the next, but we spent most of it hanging out inside and watching TV with two kids who got a good amount of sleep but were still marginally wiped out. And, he said he had fun, so that’s good, too! :D

Oh, and in 8 hours, the margarita machine never froze. So.

toothy shame

Tuesday, July 29th, 2014

Max and Katie had their dentist visit today.

Good: Max did 3/4 of the x-rays and actually giggled his fool head off during the polishing because it tickled so much! Katie was also a superstar and did all four bite wings. And, her first 6y molar is already popping through!

Bad: Katie has three cavities :( This is because her tooth contacts are fairly tight and her terrible parents don’t floss.

So. I’m a mom who had better get on the game NOW, because she already has a good number of permanent teeth! Gah! (Happily, all the cavities are in baby teeths.)

Unsolicited apology note

Saturday, July 26th, 2014

Unsolicited apology note

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Spontaneous cuddles!

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2014

Spontaneous cuddles!

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Pool time!

Sunday, July 13th, 2014

Pool time!

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Pre-swim class photo of cute short people

Saturday, July 12th, 2014

Pre-swim class photo of cute short people

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fourth of july!

Monday, July 7th, 2014

My new job is amazing in many ways. Besides the fact that I am super busy and loving every second of it, they also gave us an extra day off before the Fourth of July, so Brandon also took it off, while the kids enjoyed being at school that day, and we ran errands and had lunch and spent too much time at Costco and enjoyed time together doing things that are super hard to do with kids in tow.

The Fourth itself was a “high needs” kid day, especially for Max — about every third word from his mouth was my name, but it wasn’t as much as he wanted to tell me something as much as he wanted my constant attention. It was a very family day, and we didn’t do anything specific beyond “spend time together”, including time at the school riding bikes and playing. Both kids wanted to stay up for fireworks, but because it gets light so freakin’ late, we thought it would be smarter to watch the NY show on TV… but even though it started at 8, there were so many frickin’ musical guests that the fireworks didn’t start on TV until 9:30, which is when the local show is anyway. I stole outside and found that we couldn’t see anything through the trees, and Katie fell asleep while they were going off, while Max told me that he was tired (this never happens) so I took him to bed and he fell asleep immediately (also never happens). Nicky was fine with the local fireworks because he’s pretty much deaf, but Ash was extremely restless, especially when the particularly loud stuff was going on at the school across the street. He tried to hide in both Max’s and Katie’s room, as well as under the sheets with me, before laying down between the loveseat and table in the front room.

Saturday was our normal routine, for the most part: gymnastics, Home Depot for their weekly kid building stuff event (first Saturday of the month, this time they made bug houses), lunch, swim class, then date night! Woot! Since we’d recently seen all the movies we wanted to (X Men: Days of Future Past, Malificent, The Edge of Tomorrow), we opted to see 22 Jump Street, but because we knew it would be sub-optimal, pre-medicated with a drink at the only place with a bar open pre-5: The Old Spaghetti Factory. Dinner was at Quinto Sol (an old fave) and then we went to the Living Room afterward. The kids were sort of awake by the time we were done but fell asleep painlessly enough.

Finally, Sunday! We took the kids to see How To Train Your Dragon 2, which ended up with me on one seat with Max in my lap (when he wasn’t constantly climbing on the railing ahead of us, good lord that kid can’t sit still at the movies), Katie next to me so that half of her seat was empty, then the rest of that seat and another empty seat between us and Brandon, who ostensibly sat there enjoying his movie and popcorn. Then we went to the mall for some errands and lunch, then ended up at Alex and Patty’s house to swim! Which was fairly amazing because Katie spent most of the time independently swimming by herself, diving for rings without floaties or anything. Max was floatified, and … all I had to do was sit there and watch them. It was amazing.

Happy family! :D

Lunch date #1

Sunday, July 6th, 2014

Lunch date #1

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