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Wednesday, September 26th, 2007

I had a dream last night that I bought a new bike, with the help of my sister and parental units (!). This is noteworthy because after my accident, pretty much the only people who think I should get a new bike are those who ride motorcycles themselves. :D In the dream I had a lot of problems doing anything involving turning, which makes sense; I think that if I do get a new one, I will have to follow Carolyn (aka userinfobluepoof) around to her Women On Wheels rides so I can gain back a semblance of confidence.

I need to go dirt biking. I think that will help.

The new Ninjas are gorgeous, but I feel like I shouldn’t buy a new bike again. So, I’ve been poking around Craigslist, and I have seen a couple of yellow SVs; I just need to get off my tush and go down to ride one. I am not sure if I’d rather wait until I dirt bike a little, though. My knee is bendy enough that I can ride but I’m scared! I can pretty much walk normally and do everything except kneel and squat down. (I learned the latter accidentally, after dropping something. Owowow!) The scar is not done filling in, so it’s still dark and purply at parts.

This post is really poorly written. I blame being tired.

a list

Friday, September 14th, 2007

1. Justin is also playing in San Francisco on Sept 21. I have a feeling that I will be seeing him twice in the space of three days… woot!
2. The neck is far worse, and I think I have a fever… which would explain why my lymph nodes are all sorts of crazy. The doc referred me to the ENT clinic yesterday but their first opening is October 4. I am pretty much the whiniest person on LJ, btw.
3. Severe. Caffeine. Withdrawal.
4. I might possibly be looking at motorcycles on craigslist again. Dangit.


In honor of my whining, let me tell you about wearing jeans with my knee. The damn thing is still bruised all around the scar, so while it doesn’t hurt to walk, what DOES hurt is the stupid denim bending around the knee when it gets all loose and then poking me in the bruise. Poking in the bruise! Poking in the bruise! Hi, ho, the dairy-o, it’s poking in the bruise!

well, that is gross

Monday, September 10th, 2007

ALL DAY my scar has been throbbing. I looked at it and there was a spot in the middle of the scar, to the left of the area that was leaking, which was redder and puffier, and near where it was hurting… so I poked it a little and hit it with a needle and a bunch of nasty crap came out.

I am on antibiotics until Friday, but I will be keeping a close eye on it. And I ended up taking a vicodin just now because OW, it’s been hurting all frickin’ day.

i’ll be strong, i’ll try to carry on

Monday, September 10th, 2007

Jeff got me a Four Seasons cd after I whined about the fact that I had lost mine. “Opus 17” is such a great song. I love me some oldies. (“Don’t Think Twice” cracks me up. Frankie Valli raspberries in the song repeatedly.)

I am sort of poking around on Craigslist, seeing what bikes are available. I have the itch to ride again, even though it’s coupled with a healthy fear of crashing; I am NOT buying a new bike any time soon, especially since I *sniff* gave my heart to my SV *sniff* and now it’s at SALVAGE!!! *cries*

In other news, I have babies on the brain. I blame a certain pregnant friend of mine. :D

yay saturday!

Saturday, September 8th, 2007

Today was a kickass day full of adventure.

Okay, not so much, but we did get a lot of stuff that I wanted to do done, so that was nice. First we went to Fremont Cycle Salvage, because I still haven’t seen my bike since before I dropped it and I was interested in knowing what it looked like. The front forks were really twisted — I compared the handlebars to the tire myself — and there were scratches on the windscreen (well, the teeny one the naked bike has) and on he top back of the bike, behind the seat. The parts holding the back seat closed were broken; an endcap was missing from the left handlebar; the entire instrument panel is gone, and one of the frame sliders is ground down. There’s a dent in the gas tank.

It was still the prettiest bike there, though. I loved the color of that thing.

We then went to see a house up off of Skyline and I notice myself flinching each time a motorcycle flew by. I think, like it or not, that I’m going to have a pretty substantial issue getting on a bike again, or at least traveling faster than 25 mph. (Shit, I did this damage at 35…)

Then, we had a late lunch wtih my dad at the Fish Market and worked on clearing out the second bedroom so we can move furniture into it. Now we’re watching Firefly, ’cause B’s dad reminded us we hadn’t seen it in a long time! WEE!

oh yeah

Tuesday, September 4th, 2007

The nerves around my incision are growing back. This is a good thing, ultimately, but OW.

back in the saddle again

Tuesday, September 4th, 2007

Wow, I had a lot of work email.
Also, wow, are chocolate croissants tasty.
Also also, wow, is it cooler here than it is in Arizona!

userinfohagbard23 just sent me this link about how I can take Viagra for Raynaud’s, hee hee. *pokes userinfoalyska*

It other news, the knee is less weepy, and the scar is impressive. userinfobluepoof has many inventive story ideas to tell people how I acquired it, the best being that I was doing yoga with a knife (that I previously used in the jungles of Bolivia) in my mouth, and I accidentally cut myself. Aw yeah. I got the final paperwork that I need to fill out on my totaled bike, and it seems like I might be getting more money than I previously thought. Yay!

because you really care *sniff*

Monday, August 27th, 2007

I called the nurse about my knee and she made me make an appointment. Then they made me sit there for an hour and only saw me finally because I asked for my copay back and said I was going to leave. THEN she and the medical student took turns touching my knees because it was amusing to feel the temperature difference.

1: There is nothing wrong with it past, you know, the bigass slice in it.
2: I do not need to do anything special to fly on a plane except maybe use it as an excuse to board early.


oh, a story about the knee

Friday, August 24th, 2007

So I alluded to how the trauma staff checked to see if my joint was intact. Here’s a little story about that:

The nurse (a chick) was not “with it” and the main doctor (a guy) was in a rush, so she sprayed my knee with a numbing solution and then the guy told the intern (a chick) to jam a needle up under my patella (coming in from the side of the knee that is pointing outward). So, she jams the needle in, but the numbing solution hadn’t numbed the site yet, and she couldn’t actually get it under the patella. Then the main doc took over and did it himself, then pushed VERY HARD to get some dye into the space. (The rest of the people sat there watching to see if the dye came out the wound, which would have meant that the joint wasn’t intact.) It was all good, so he then tried to suck the dye back out, then took out the needle.

At this point, a) the numbing solution just started to work and b) the nurse came over with 6mg of morphine. Uh. I may have yelled “motherfucker” in the emergency room because him doing that crap hurt so much.

When they irrigated me I was on a painkiller even more strong than morphine and I couldn’t feel shit. So, it was all good :D

yes, another knee update

Friday, August 24th, 2007

I had the five new stitches removed today. The cut is strange… it was made at an angle (like a bevel), so the bottom is joined together and then there’s a bit of a gap going towards the top. The doctor said this was normal, and put new steri-strips across the top to hold it closed. (Those are they pieces of very strong tape they use to hold wounds together.) My goal this week is to be able to bend to 120 degrees; he predicts that I should have my full range of motion back in a month if I keep up with stretching it out and go to PT.

Unfortunately, I can’t start PT until after Labor Day because I’m going to Chicago to help Patti-san (userinfosilsbycarr) relocate to Arizona, and they had no openings for next Monday (I leave at an obnoxious hour on Tuesday). So, I will just be very bendy throughout our trip. :)

I’m also not to get my knee wet for another two weeks. Unbeknown to my orthopedist, I might have possibly gotten it wet over the last two days to clean and shave my knee :P

knee update

Friday, August 17th, 2007

I went to orthopedics today to have my stitches removed. Unfortunately (for me), the medical student who stitched me closed didn’t do it correctly — halfway through him taking the stitches out the wound opened (picture to follow). So, uh, I got to watch them irrigate the wound again and restitch it (less stitches this time).

I get new instructions, though: no more knee immobilizer, bend knee to at least 45 degrees when possible, and manually manipulate the patella a lot to make sure the tendon doesn’t freeze up (from which is a painful recovery).

I probably shouldn’t have driven to work as soon as I did, because I’m still shaking and my knee is a bit pissed off from having more holes poked in it.

(knee pic)

the body is one cool weird thing

Wednesday, August 15th, 2007

Obviously, I cut my knee deep enough that I severed a bunch of nerves, because it’s still numb when I touch it and poke at it. But, sometimes those nerves fire off and do weird things; sometimes I’ll get a sharp pain so sudden my whole leg jumps and then it goes away after a few seconds, or my whole leg will decide that it has felt a chill and I’ll get goosebumps.

I wonder what it’s going to feel like to bend it. I’m a little scared.

knee update

Monday, August 13th, 2007

My knee is still swollen — actually, my whole leg, almost. It’s yellow. It’s itchy. It’s warm. When I touch the injured area, it’s numb.

I hate crutches.

My boss told me I was pitiful to look at today. I got new shorts (I haven’t worn shorts in YEARS) so I could wear them with my knee brace. Hawt!

yeah, that hurts.

Tuesday, August 7th, 2007

Yesterday I made a valiant effort to not be helped by people and walked a lot, including a couple of blocks to/from dinner (even though Brandon offered three times to drive me). As a result, I am in major pain this morning (I’d say 8/10 on the scale), and the vicodin I took isn’t touching it — or it is, and the pain would be much worse otherwise.

Yes, I am dumb. It was TOTALLY WORTH IT, however, because we had dinner with people who I like.

However, I am taking B’s advice and not going out for lunch today, even though it’s the Best Lunch Day (we go to a kickass restaurant on Tuesdays). This is Very Sad.



Monday, August 6th, 2007

Today I got completely dressed on my own, except for my left sock. This made me feel very accomplished (it’s really hard to put on pants with one immobilized leg) and sort of silly :D.

I came to work today to see two awesome guys that I work with who live far away. I have avoided taking vicodin so far but I can’t see that continuing because my leg is throbby.

So, in case you’re confused, I have a HUGE gash a little above my patella that is so deep it required interior stitches. They don’t know anything about my ligaments yet, but don’t want me to bend my knee until it’s healed to keep the stitches closed (those come out on the 17th). I have a very nice immobilizer on my leg and am using crutches to get around; every morning I plastic wrap my leg (without the immobilizer) so I can take a shower without it getting wet. Also, apparently what I remember of the accident is NOTHING like what happened, so I’m glad Carolyn was watching :D

Woot. Now to try to get foods.


Saturday, August 4th, 2007

The guy at Redwood City Honda thinks my bike is totaled. :(

the story of alison’s motorcycle accident

Saturday, August 4th, 2007

So… my last post was about how we were going to ride up to Alice’s for lunch.

The people present were Carolyn, Chris, Matt, and myself. We left at 11:30 and made our way up Old Page Mill to Atascadero, where I noticed there was glass on the road. I was going 35 around a curve, idly thinking that I was possibly going too fast for the turn and tapping my brake. Next thing I know, I was skidding across the pavement into the right shoulder.

I landed on my right side, looking down the road from the dirt shoulder, with my left leg draped across my right. I had dirt in my mouth and eyes, and I could tell that I had bit my bottom lip. I did not lose consciousness, but I wasn’t about to move because I was pretty sure that something was wrong with my left knee. Carolyn came up behind me and made sure I was okay, and then dealt with traffic and grabbed my cell phone to call 911 while a woman who was a nurse stopped to check me out. No one wanted to move me in case something was wrong with my back (and because of the knee pain), but I could move my arms and wiggle my toes.

The nurse apparently stopped at the fire station and sent them up the hill while Carolyn finally reached 911. The firemen started to look me over and called an ambulance, and then another ambulance showed up from the call, meaning I had a LOT of buff guys looking over me. :D They took my gear off, immobilized my neck and put me on a backboard, and then ripped both of my jean legs up to my middle thigh. I was put in an ambulance, given oxygen and an IV, and taken to Stanford hospital. Carolyn sweetly decided to come with me, while Chris and Matt stayed with my bike (Carolyn called Brandon and he was on his way to get it into the back of his truck — he later showed me the instrument panel, which is no longer connected to the bike). During the ride, the paramedic told me that there was an accident in the same place the night before, and that the guy in that crash had gone flying down the embankment (on the opposite side of the road where I crashed) and was very messed up. That had been the glass I’d seen.

In the ER, the trauma group got to work on me. They cut my pants off the rest of the way to look at my legs (which I still hadn’t seen) and set me up on an EKG monitor. They did the normal “check for injuries” on my body and then started to run some xrays on my back to make sure I hadn’t fractured my spine. (Around this time I had to pee like no body’s business, but the fact that there was some tenderness at my C8 meant that they wanted to do more xrays before I was allowed to move, meaning that I had to hold it like a hero :) ) Ultimately, nothing was wrong with my spine (thank G-d), and they xrayed my knee to see if there was any damage there.

It turns out I had a pretty huge gash across my knee, which I didn’t see until later still, when they did a test on it to make sure that the joint was intact. It involved shoving a needle through the side of my leg and up under the patella, and then pushing a bunch of dye into it at high pressure to see if any of it seeped out of the wound (if so, this would indicate that the joint was NOT intact and I would need knee surgery). Luckily, it was okay. Then they gave me a shot of morphine (I had had 2mg, but it wasn’t doing much, so they pushed 6mg).

They moved me to another room to irrigate the wound and close it. She did half a liter of saline irrigation (after giving me a lot of shots to numb the area) and I took a good look at the wound. Brandon took pics, which I might post, but let me say: EW. I was cut through the fat down to the muscle. (What is weird is that the only hole in my pants was big enough to stick your finger through, meaning that something sliced my leg open once it was inside my pants.) I was having major pain when the doctor put pressure around the knee (even with it numbed), so she had me go through another set of xrays to ensure that nothing was broken. Then they re-irrigated me with another liter of saline (like, an hour later, because they kept getting called away on trauma calls) and sewed me up after giving me major drugs.

End totals:
In the hospital 7 hours.
14 stitches across the outside; 5 deep stitches to hold stuff together.
Knee immobilizer and crutches.
Prescription for vicodin.
No other injuries (thank G-d thank G-d thank G-d) but I still have dirt in my hair :)

They won’t know if there is ligament damage until the cut heals enough that I can bend my knee. But, I’m OKAY. (Dude, I will have to show you guys pics of my helmet. If I hadn’t worn it my lips would have been sheared off.)

Pics coming later. I will make sure to hide the ones of my knee if I decide to post them in case the weak-stomached don’t want to see em :)


Friday, August 3rd, 2007

Today we’re doing a riding lunch up to Alice’s, which means that four of us (Carolyn, Chris, Matt, and I) are going to ride up the twisties and have a burger. I’m excited but a bit apprehensive, since I know I’m riding with a lot more trepidation since my accident.

At PT it’s sad to see how limited the range of motion is in my neck. Looking up hurts, but I can’t turn my head very far in either direction or look down; it doesn’t hurt, it just doesn’t … happen.

I’m a freak.

bad neck news

Wednesday, July 18th, 2007

Well, it looks like the dippy doctor that I saw on short notice didn’t tell me the whole story. I got the “impression” from the clinic today, and handwritten on it was, “Mild arthritis of neck spine and some post-traumatic calcification. Please respond.” The “summary” is “possible significant findings, may need action.”

Uh, well, crap.

good news!

Thursday, July 12th, 2007

The preliminary reading of the x-ray shows a lot of swelling but no obvious breaks. This is good news. :D The doctor is going to wait for the final reading and then probably prescribe me some pain killers.


Also, tonight is my dry suit class, and I’m excited :D